Monday, March 24, 2014

HIV/AIDS seems to be a disaster for the young people of Bali

HIV / AIDS in Bali now is at alarming levels. Many new cases are found. Every year the number of people infected with HIV in Bali is increasing. Ironically, most of whom are young men who should be the successor generation. Perhaps there are many young people living with HIV in Bali which has not been recorded. Like an iceberg floating in the ocean. End appears to look a little, but that was under the water very much and big. If the melt would be a disaster for everyone, as it is the case with HIV.

HIV became a threat to the youth in Bali. Even become a source of fear unseen. Balinese people find it difficult to indulge in peace wherever they go. Even those concerned with unfaithful lover. There are several cases that involve an unfaithful lover, then he must have contracted HIV from an unfaithful lover.

Many young people of Bali who have more than one lover. This condition is also a source of concern. Fear of contracting HIV from a new lover unfamiliar with his background well. Aside from a lover, a friend who has HIV is also a threat. Many are afraid that if a friend who has HIV will deliberately infect others by way of a needle on purpose. Fears it has always been a dilemma for the people of Bali.

Although virtually all possibilities are conceivable only fear is excessive, but things like this make life uncomfortable and quiet. Although HIV transmission is very limited, but in the public perception of one can cause great fear. Many false perception that continues to be a conversation, seems to be a fact that people believed.

Polemics and problems like this is always a debate among young people of Bali. Any conversation without the assistance of the competent authority will be the problems that would cause unwarranted fear among the youth. As if HIV is a disaster that can not be mitigated and controlled. Indeed mentoring teens very dipelukan fig. Not only assistance to people living with HIV, but to ordinary citizens so that they can think properly range of HIV / AIDS.