Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Black suitcase suspected bomb was found in Kerobokan, Denpasar

Without the owner's suitcase was discovered by a resident while going to work. Ditemulan berwaran black suitcase in front of a store by a woman at about 8:15 am. Once reported to the police, a few hours later the police immediately evacuate and close the roads around the location of the discovery of the black suitcase.

Bali Police bomb squad team arrived in the location around 11:00 am. Suitcase bomb was suspected in check by the police bomb squad. After the suitcase is opened carefully for an hour, it turns out the content in that case only underwear, socks, underwear, sunglasses, and some money.

Residents surrounding the discovery of the suitcase so scared. They fear that if it is true is a suitcase bomb.