Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bali mangrove forests damaged by pollution

Bali mangrove forests damaged by pollution

The mangrove forests in Bali's most famous and widely located in South Bali, at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Denpasar, Bali, is now under threat due to pollution.

Bali as a small island is in need of protection from the effects of coastal erosion that occurs. Some of the beaches in Bali have been exposed to abrasion that threaten settlements around the coast. Even the Kuta beach also included in beaches danger of being lost due to abrasion. Abrasion on Kuta Beach've looked at this time, diminishing shoreline. Also occurs in other places around Bali.

Abrasion on the beach by beach erosion occurs due to ocean waves and ocean currents. To prevent abrasion, there are many ways to do. One of the most effective ways is to plant mangrove trees along the coast. Because mangroves proved to effectively cope with abrasion, and has been proven all over the world.

Bali mangrove forests damaged by pollution
Mangroves are trees that grow in swamps and salt water. This tree roots breathe. The roots of the mangrove trees grow from the bottom to the ground surface. Each tree has a definite mangrove roots emerging from the bottom of the tree. The root of this is keeping the soil and sand so as not eroded by sea water. However abrasion can not be prevented with just one tree. Required hundreds or even thousands of trees to be able to prevent abrasion on a beach.

In southern Bali, there are mangrove forests that protect Bali from abrasion. The mangrove trees grow well. Mangrove forest areas in South Bali has become a conservation area and tourist. Mangrove forest area in southern Bali is very protected, although this time his condition is very worrying, and not well maintained. Many plastic waste, floating oil derived from waste ships in port, and hands traveler nosy damaging trees.

Benoa Harbour in Bali is the largest. There are a lot of ships in ports, from large to small vessels. Cruise ships also dock here. The number of ships that docked, have an impact on the number of oil spills polluting the sea. Stranded oil spill up into the mangroves. Environment resulted in mangrove forests polluted by sewage. Many mangrove trees to wither and turn yellow. Even some mangrove trees die from polluted sea. There has been no government attention on this situation.

Bali mangrove forests damaged by pollution
When mangrove forests in the south of Bali were threatened by pollution from Benoa Harbour. When it appeared the government plans to allow developers of Bali Province reclaiming the Benoa Bay which is the largest mangrove forest in Bali. The goal is simple, save the Benoa area of abrasion and tsunami threats. Is it plausible reason? Though everyone knows, mangrove forest area excluding area threatened abrasion. Because there are many mangrove trees that protect the coast.

No study issued by the relevant institutions about reclaiming the expense of mangrove forests. Everyone knows, if there is a mangrove tree that grows on the coast, the beaches will be protected from abrasion and tsunami. But the government has a different perception, when the sea reclaimed, the land around the densely protected from abrasion and tsunami threats. Maybe abrasion can be avoided, but the tsunami still threaten land reclamation.

Mangrove forests into protective beach and marsh habitats of living animals, and also as an attractive tourist spot, damaged by pollution should not be addressed by the government. As if no action omission, without supervision and measures to tackle pollution.