Sunday, February 16, 2014

Water rain in Bali, dust rain in Java

Rain is often the case in Indonesia is water. But this time there were two different types of rain, and so the contrast difference. In Bali rain is water, but the dust rain in Java. Rain of water is common, but the rain of dust occurred in Java, along with the eruption since two days ago.

In Bali rainy season usually occurs during the month of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. Currently in Bali still it rains. Rain in Bali today is part of the rainy season. But different things happen in Java. In Java it was raining dust. Dust originating from volcanic eruptions. Mountain that erupted in East Java, Mount Kelud. Being a natural disaster for many people in Java. Almost everywhere on the island of Java experience the rain of dust from the mountain that erupted in East Java.

Mount Kelud is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. It is currently being erupted. The current eruption was the largest since recorded. Until now three people have already died as a result of this disaster. Dust from this mountain reached in Bogor, West Java. Many airports in Java should be closed.

Dust rain in Java resulting in great loss and suffering. Many homes were damaged, destroyed rice fields, crops can not be saved, dead livestock, damaged vehicles, public service halted. Everyone is feeling the effects of the eruption of Mount Kelud be suffering. Residents around the mountain should evacuate to a safe place.

Bali as the island closest mountain erupted today in Java, lucky not to feel the impact of the eruption. The wind was blowing from east to west, so that the volcanic ash is not on the island of Bali. Residents of Bali just witnessed the eruption of Mount Kelud through the TV. Not affected, making residents feel safe and neighbor Bali during activity. Rice paddies and cattle survived.

Bali has a nickname as the Island of the Gods. Residents of Bali always perform rituals in all aspects of life. Balinese people believe they are protected by the gods. Protected from the impact of disasters in Java. Bali so avoid the rain of dust that disrupt the activity of citizens. All rituals are performed with the aim to balance the energy in the universe. So nature in Bali to be balanced and no major natural disasters occur.

Effects of dust rain is damaging. Damage crops, water hygiene, animal be dead, so that people become food shortages due to dust cover crops and agricultural land, the dust can also make animals die. Luckily, did not happen in Bali. If it happens in Bali, the tourism industry would suffer huge losses. Foreign tourists go, and no one wants to visit Bali. If it rains dust occurs, many resorts will be dirty, the water becomes dirty, the hotel becomes dirty, then the tourists would not be welcome to stay in Bali. The economy will be disrupted.