Thursday, February 6, 2014

Parole for Schapelle Leigh Corby

Schapelle Leigh Corby

Schapelle Leigh Corby a woman from Gold Coast, Australia, received a prison sentence in Indonesia, because the cases of drug possession, marijuana weighing 4.1 kilograms.

Drugs were found in her bodyboard bag at Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport in 2004. Denpasar court sentenced 20-year sentence against Corby in 2005. This incident made the government and the people of Australia surprised.

Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, give clemency to Corby through Keputusan Presiden No. 22/G Tahun 2012, so Corby gets sentence reduction to 15 years. In the period 2006-2011, Corby also never get a remission of 25 months. Until late last year, Corby has received a total of 39 months of remission.

Since October 2013, Schapelle Leigh Corby has for parole but has not received an answer. Until now there has been news that Corby will be released on parole. Head of Kerobokan prison in Denpasar, Bali, Farid Djunaedi, he said that it is still awaiting parole issued the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia.

Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Amir Shamsuddin, said it would take a decision on the application for parole, for Corby, on Friday. All submissions will be fully processed on Friday.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, speaking to the media after hearing the news that Schapelle Leigh Corby possibility to be released from prison. According to Abbott, it is entirely a matter of the judicial system in Indonesia, the Indonesian justice system is definitely a little different than in Australia.

Tony Abbott declined to comment on the plan parole given to Corby by the Indonesian Government. According to him, an Australian who was in Indonesia to be the subject of judicial system in Indonesia. The opposite is true for Indonesian citizens in Australia.

Although there is no certainty when parole for Corby issued, some foreign media, especially from Australia, have been waiting since early this week. Some Australian television station, Channel 7, Channel 9, and Channel 10, already set up equipment in front of the jail in Kerobokan Denpasar, Bali. Preparation for the live broadcast of Bali were ready.

Corby parole opposition from a number of parliaments in Indonesia. They reasoned that the drug cases should not get parole. Because drugs can damage the young generation of Indonesia. Many have been harmed by the drug.