Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mount Kelud erupted in East Java

Indonesia has many volcanoes are still active. Java is a volcanic island that has the most, and most often erupt. Bali also has an active volcano, ready to erupt at any time without our knowledge. Mount Agung is one of Bali's volcanoes are still active. Although now in a state of rest, but we are not in when the mountain will erupt.

Today in East Java there is a volcano that has erupted, and is still going on until this time. Mountain that erupted in East Java named Mount Kelud in Kediri. Mount Kelud had erupted from the date of February 13, 2014. Material from the eruption of the mountain out and ejected to a height of 17 kilometers, including volcanic ash.

Residents who were evacuated around the mountain. No one is allowed to be around Mount Kelud with a radius of up to 15 kilometers. Because this area is very dangerous.

Mount Kelud has a height of 1,776 meters above sea level, erupted at 22:56 at night, and the second eruption occurred at 23:30 Thursday night. At the time of eruption of the mountain was issued hot lava, ash and pebbles to throw radius of tens of kilometers.

Mount Kelud estimated to have erupted more than 30 times since the year 1000. The mountain erupted recorded several times in the span of 1919 to 2007. On May 19, 1919, Mount Kelud erupted killing at least 5,000 people, most of them die due to exposure to hot lava.

Mount Kelud erupted remove dust and blown up to West Java. Dust from the eruption also disrupt flight in Indonesia. Flight 130 plane, with the goal of 7 areas for the eastern region was canceled. It happens, to anticipate the occurrence of something undesirable. 7 area that is, Soemarno Adi, Solo (Central Java), Adi Sucipto, Yogyakarta, Juanda, Surabaya (East Java), Ahmad Yani, Semarang (Central Java), Abdul Rahman Saleh Malang (East Java), Tunggul Wulung, Cilacap (Central Java), and Husen Santra State Airport, Bandung (West Java).

Mount Kelud is not currently erupting again, only a little material, but the impact of volcanic ash still occur. At the very least, the operationalization of the four major airports in Central Java and East Java suspended for reasons of flight safety. There are strange things happening at the moment Kelud erupted. Initially this mountain suddenly erupted twice. After two very large eruption, the mountain suddenly not showing signs of eruption. Silent as silent, calm, and quiet.

unt Kelud eruption, there are three people dead. The three men who died were located at a radius of 7 kilometers from the summit of the mountain. The thickness of the ash when the evacuation of the discovery of the victim reaches 20 cm. Currently there are evacuation of some residents who remained in the radius of 10 km.

Fortunately, the island of Bali is not affected by the eruption of Mount Kelud. However, many airlines are heading to Bali to go through the lines very much. The aircraft is heading to Bali should avoid clouds and dust from the eruption. Balinese people are not concerned with the conditions that hit Indonesia. They believe that god always protect the people of Bali. During the Balinese people still do rituals and love nature, then nature will not destroy the lives of the people of Bali.