Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9 bad things about Bali

The bad thing about Bali very much. In addition to the good things that exist in Bali as a very friendly person, a unique culture, beautiful nature, diverse art, beautiful women, and cheap cost of living, there is also a bad thing that should be a concern of government, so that the existence of Bali stay awake, and always visited by tourists from foreign countries.

A lot of bad things about Bali as the criticism many people in the world. Island of Bali as a world tourism destination, appropriate attention to the bad things that damage the image of Bali. The role of government is necessary to eliminate the bad things about Bali. Even the farmers in Ubud are the people who feel the most bad about Bali in this sparkling tourism industry.

Here are 9 bad things about Bali:

1. Garbage is everywhere

About garbage which is a bad thing about Bali is the most visible. Everyone must know, Bali generates a lot of garbage. Each year the amount of waste generated is increasing. Even governments are powerless to handle garbage increasingly disrupted the lives of residents and tourists. The government is not responsive tackling garbage problem, resulting in a lot of garbage strewn everywhere, even the supposedly clean river, became dirty due to garbage that is always there.

Every year at Kuta Beach and the surrounding areas are always filled with garbage from the river. Garbage always be extra work for coastal managers and local residents. Many tourists feel disappointed visiting the beach, after seeing a lot of garbage in and around Kuta Beach. Looks very disgusting and dirty.

2. Traffic jams

Residents of Bali's economy is growing, impact on the increase in car ownership. However, the number of cars, no roads partly offset by accretion. This resulted in traffic jams that are difficult avoided in Bali. In Denpasar, every day is always a jam occurs. Traffic jams are bad for the tourism industry.

Formerly known as the island of Bali is a clean and pleasant. But now pollution due to congestion becomes a problem for the life of the people in Bali. The bad thing about Bali related traffic congestion needs to tackle better.

3. There is no guarantee against food hygiene

The bad thing about Bali there are no guarantees related to food that is eaten by tourists. Hotels and restaurants in Bali is increasing, especially in tourist areas. The restaurant is a place to get food for tourists. However, many restaurants do not notice the cleanliness and hygiene in the food they make. So many tourists became sick after eating at a restaurant that does not ensure food hygiene.

4. Criminal action in the sights

The bad thing about Bali related urbanization becomes a very serious problem for local residents. The number of people from outside of Bali, who tried to find a job in Bali, but do not have the expertise, so they must be trapped in difficult circumstances and situations. Such conditions lead to the increasing number of crimes committed by people who have difficulty getting money because they do not have a decent job. Many criminals are there in tourist spots targeting foreign tourists. Thus, the security of Bali as an international tourist destination is not properly secured. Local residents are very rarely commit crimes, but the new settlers who hoped to get money from the tourism industry should commit criminal acts to tourists to earn a lot of money.

Mugging, rape, robbery now common in Bali. Even many foreign tourists who become victims of crime. Most of the crimes committed by the Balinese migrants from outside Bali.

5. Locally made alcoholic beverages deadly

Arak Bali is one of the locals brew alcoholic beverages. Arak Bali has become a bad thing about Bali is always under fire. This drink is actually very safe in drinking by anyone. But the fraudulent acts committed by the traders to earn bigger profits without having to bother to produce on a large scale. Many Arak Bali mixed with water and then added to the methanol in order to obtain more fantastic effects. However, this action has been getting a lot of casualties. Many people die from Arak Bali mixed with methanol.

6. Beggars very much

Beggars are often disrupt tourists in Bali be a bad thing for Bali tourism activities. Tourists often feel uncomfortable with the beggars who always interfere with comfort. Beggars often demand the money to anyone. Their presence has always been a bad thing about Bali.

7. Bogus tour guides

The number of self-styled tour guide in Bali a bad thing that should be followed up. Bogus tour guides like to lie to the tourists. Even many self-styled tour guide extortion. Ironically, the self-styled tour guide lied about sights they pass on to tourists. So that tourists get the wrong information about the tourist places they visit in Bali.

8. Not timely

Time is money, time is selfishness. Time is sensitivity. In Bali, timeliness is not a thing that can be obtained easily. If you want to see the sun set in TanahLoh, and you should arrive there at 03:00 pm, do not expect you to arrive on time at Tanah Lot. Many obstacles that you are used to while on the road. Traffic jams, vehicle strike, drivers who do not care about the time, and much more that makes bad things about Bali.

9. corrupt police 

Some time ago, a tourist recording a corrupt police actions in Bali. Police corruption is commonplace in Bali. That is why tourists feel safe to be in Bali. They blatantly violated when the police bribe traffic.