Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food poisoning in Bali?

Bali food poisoning suffered by foreign tourists have a negative impact on tourism image.

The food is supposed to provide health and fitness for the body, it resulted in damage or even death for some people. Many foreign tourists reported poisoned in Bali. Not even food, drinks also lead to foreign tourists must be sick. It is bad for the occurrence of Bali's tourism industry, which is known as the island with an abundance of beauty.

Food poisoning occurs because health standards set by the government are not within their condition in Bali as an international tourist destination. Poor standards valid globally in Indonesia is also applied in Bali. In addition to poor standards, lack of government supervision of the circulation of food products also provide the opportunity to commit fraud. The common practice is sometimes very detrimental to consumers.

Supervision of the restaurant and café also never done the government. Supervision is very necessary, in order to manage the restaurant and the café does not make food that could harm consumers. Periodic surveillance and giving sanction to a restaurant or café that cheating should be done. Necessary because not all provide good information to and clear to consumers about what ingredients are used in their dishes.

Indeed there is plenty of food and drinks dangerous circulating in Bali. Food and drink is not through the process of assessment and supervision of the authorities. One of the food products that are circulating in Bali at a health hazard is ketchup. Ketchup with the cheap price that includes the number of false testing, actually very dangerous if consumed. Most likely preservatives used for products that are dangerous liquids such as formalin. Some people are very sensitive to the harmful preservatives will feel discomfort in the throat and stomach after taking it.

Another product that is also dangerous to eat is dried noodle products. There are many products available in Indonesia dry noodles, also in Bali, which uses hazardous materials to preservatives. A few years ago has gained a lot of catching producers who cheat by using formaldehyde as a food preservative. Today the use of formaldehyde is expected to be done by the manufacturer of noodles.

In addition to processed foods, food poisoning is common among foreign tourists is because of allergies. Allergies can have a negative impact on the safety of a person's life if not handled properly. A few days ago, two foreign tourists from Australia died from food poisoning in Bali. It is estimated that they died because of allergies when eating seafood. Reported, the female presenters from both Australia holidaying in Bali with his family, they all fell ill. They are poisoning the food, the food you eat contaminated with germs.

The most terrible is poisoning Arak Bali. Arak Bali traditionally made ​​by the Balinese and sold by collectors and circulated by the seller. Before the sale, the seller is usually cheating with Arak Bali mixing with methanol. Hazardous liquids are typically used to burn. Already there are many victims of Arak Bali. Balinese people are dying because of drinking Arak Bali mixed with methanol. Many foreign tourists and some even dying blind.

This is Indonesian, weak oversight of the government of the circulation of food and drinks affects the health of citizens and the destruction of foreign tourists visiting Bali. The government should create an organizational oversight of food and beverage products that circulate in the community, as well as to supervise the restaurant, bar, and café on the products they provide to consumers. To avoid anymore bad things happen to us all.