Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bali remains a target of drug trafficking

There are many cases related to the arrest perpetrators of drug dealers in Bali. Most of the people arrested carrying drugs to Bali is a foreign citizen. Even the amount of drug that is taken very much. With millions of dollars selling points. Such an event is concluded that Bali is a very good market for selling drugs.

One case of concern about drug world is about a female Australian citizen who bring marijuana weighing more than 4 kilograms. And now for parole. There was also a woman from England who was arrested carrying drugs to Bali.

Yesterday Customs officer Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, thwarting efforts methamphetamine smuggling 1.5 kilograms involving citizens of South Africa. The man named Stephen Henri Lubbe (58), was arrested by officers who suspected him shortly after stepping off the plane HX 6705 Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong-Denpasar route. Allegedly he is an international drug syndicate, if seen from the number and type of narcotic goods 1.5 kilograms of shabu or methamphetamine were seized. He is an international network of drug couriers.

Of the many cases of arrests of foreigners who bring drugs into Bali, it is concluded that there are many people who use drugs in Bali. Perhaps, the target market drug sales in Bali is not only foreign tourists, but also locals. Many residents become ill in Bali, after using the drug in a very long period of time. This condition can be known from the foundation that specifically address the issue of drug and its users.

Type methamphetamine is the most dominating of drug trafficking case in Bali. Then the distribution of marijuana, ecstasy, hasish, cocaine and heroin. Denpasar is the most common cases of drug trafficking.

The rise of drug trafficking in Bali is influenced by many things. The progress of tourism in Bali is also a factor, many entertainment venues supporting tourism that is often used as a drug transaction, the progress of science and technology, and also an increase in demand of the people of Bali as a result of changing lifestyles and economic progress.