Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bali is a favorite honeymoon spot in the world

Bali is known as an island paradise. Many foreign tourists come to Bali to enjoy the beauty of the white sand beaches, mountains, terraced rice fields that are very unique, rivers, cheap hotel, a restaurant with good food, quiet villa, a vehicle to play very much, water rides, petting zoo, and still many more interesting places in a very small island.

Since the number of places of interest in the island, make Bali a favorite place by anyone, as a tourist destination, a place to get married, the place for honeymooners, and held international performances., a leading hotel booking site and Asia, and part of the Priceline Group listed on Nasdaq (Nasdaq: PCLN), today announced the results of a global survey of honeymoon destinations that they did before. The survey, conducted online in January and February 2014, involving more than 15,000 customers to choose one among the 20 locations honeymoon of their dreams. With a ratio of one of the five most travelers choose the Maldives, and the Greek Islands, Paris, and Bali respectively.

Best honeymoon destinations based on a poll conducted

Maldives 20.3%
Greek Isles 7.8%
Paris 7.6%
Bali 7.1%
Hawaii 6.6%
Italy 6.5%
Caribbean Islands 5.7%
Tahiti 5.6%
New Zealand 5.2%
Istanbul 3.8%
Phuket 3.5%
Australia 3.4%
Prague 2.8%
Las Vegas 2.7%
New York 2.5%
Spain 2.5%
Cancun 2.4%
Rio de Janeiro 2.2%
Croatia 1.0%
Montreal 0.9%

Bali deserves to be the best place for honeymoon. Honeymoon in Bali will be giving out a pleasant experience for tourists. Inexpensive, attractive, beautiful, fun, exciting, cool, and much more to be had in the island. Of course the cost is very inexpensive option for honeymooners untama very pleasant.