Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Australian tourists died after eating at a restaurant in Bali

Tourists from Australia named Rohan Max Fitzgerald , aged 29 years , died after eating at a restaurant . The restaurant also is a hotel located in Kuta , Bali .

According conveyed by the police , Mr. Rohan was eating at a restaurant famous hotel located in JalanPopiesII , Kuta , Sunday, February 2, 2014 . He was found lying on the floor of the toilet by a hotel guest . Then taken to the hospital , the Bali Medical Center Kuta  Hospital . Tourists were getting help from the hospital's medical personnel . But he died 30 minutes later .

According to police , there was no sign of violence against tourists . Police are also checking CCTV recording of the incident, and no anomalies that occur in the tourists .

Mr. Rohan was in Bali for four days . Police are still investigating the death of the Australian tourists . The bodies of the man now in Sanglah Hospital and the family is awaiting permission before autopsy.