Friday, February 28, 2014

Badung government banned the parade of ogoh-ogoh in Badung

Ogoh-ogoh parade conducted every year by the people of Bali. Ogoh-ogoh are made by young people of Bali to welcome Nyepi day. Nyepi this year will take place on March 31, 2014, and ogoh-ogoh parade will take place on March 30, 2014.

Badung regency government banned the parade of ogoh-ogoh 2014. The government banned the parade held throughout the Badung regency. This prohibition conveyed the reasons for maintaining social stability and security. Because on April 4, 2014 will be held parliamentary elections. Government intending to avoid political conflicts between different people who have the support of the parliamentary candidates.

Ogoh-ogoh parade ban in 2014 would upset the young men who had been looking forward to since last year. For ogoh-ogoh parade is held every year and is always greeted with delight by the citizens. Citizens who have prepared everything to make ogoh-ogoh definitely feel disappointed. The children will also feel disappointed with this decision.

If ogoh-ogoh are prohibited throughout Bali for political reasons, it would be ridiculous. Therefore, ogoh-ogoh parade has become a tradition that is fun for people of Bali. Every moment of the year is always awaited by the youth and children. Without ogoh-ogoh, Nyepi day will be less memorable. Tradition is always done by all the people of Bali.

Travelers who want to see the parade of ogoh-ogoh 2014 in Badung had to change his plan. Foreign tourists should see a parade of ogoh-ogoh in Ubud or Denpasar area. Until now in Denpasar and Gianyar government has not issued a ban on the parade for its citizens.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9 bad things about Bali

The bad thing about Bali very much. In addition to the good things that exist in Bali as a very friendly person, a unique culture, beautiful nature, diverse art, beautiful women, and cheap cost of living, there is also a bad thing that should be a concern of government, so that the existence of Bali stay awake, and always visited by tourists from foreign countries.

A lot of bad things about Bali as the criticism many people in the world. Island of Bali as a world tourism destination, appropriate attention to the bad things that damage the image of Bali. The role of government is necessary to eliminate the bad things about Bali. Even the farmers in Ubud are the people who feel the most bad about Bali in this sparkling tourism industry.

Here are 9 bad things about Bali:

1. Garbage is everywhere

About garbage which is a bad thing about Bali is the most visible. Everyone must know, Bali generates a lot of garbage. Each year the amount of waste generated is increasing. Even governments are powerless to handle garbage increasingly disrupted the lives of residents and tourists. The government is not responsive tackling garbage problem, resulting in a lot of garbage strewn everywhere, even the supposedly clean river, became dirty due to garbage that is always there.

Every year at Kuta Beach and the surrounding areas are always filled with garbage from the river. Garbage always be extra work for coastal managers and local residents. Many tourists feel disappointed visiting the beach, after seeing a lot of garbage in and around Kuta Beach. Looks very disgusting and dirty.

2. Traffic jams

Residents of Bali's economy is growing, impact on the increase in car ownership. However, the number of cars, no roads partly offset by accretion. This resulted in traffic jams that are difficult avoided in Bali. In Denpasar, every day is always a jam occurs. Traffic jams are bad for the tourism industry.

Formerly known as the island of Bali is a clean and pleasant. But now pollution due to congestion becomes a problem for the life of the people in Bali. The bad thing about Bali related traffic congestion needs to tackle better.

3. There is no guarantee against food hygiene

The bad thing about Bali there are no guarantees related to food that is eaten by tourists. Hotels and restaurants in Bali is increasing, especially in tourist areas. The restaurant is a place to get food for tourists. However, many restaurants do not notice the cleanliness and hygiene in the food they make. So many tourists became sick after eating at a restaurant that does not ensure food hygiene.

4. Criminal action in the sights

The bad thing about Bali related urbanization becomes a very serious problem for local residents. The number of people from outside of Bali, who tried to find a job in Bali, but do not have the expertise, so they must be trapped in difficult circumstances and situations. Such conditions lead to the increasing number of crimes committed by people who have difficulty getting money because they do not have a decent job. Many criminals are there in tourist spots targeting foreign tourists. Thus, the security of Bali as an international tourist destination is not properly secured. Local residents are very rarely commit crimes, but the new settlers who hoped to get money from the tourism industry should commit criminal acts to tourists to earn a lot of money.

Mugging, rape, robbery now common in Bali. Even many foreign tourists who become victims of crime. Most of the crimes committed by the Balinese migrants from outside Bali.

5. Locally made alcoholic beverages deadly

Arak Bali is one of the locals brew alcoholic beverages. Arak Bali has become a bad thing about Bali is always under fire. This drink is actually very safe in drinking by anyone. But the fraudulent acts committed by the traders to earn bigger profits without having to bother to produce on a large scale. Many Arak Bali mixed with water and then added to the methanol in order to obtain more fantastic effects. However, this action has been getting a lot of casualties. Many people die from Arak Bali mixed with methanol.

6. Beggars very much

Beggars are often disrupt tourists in Bali be a bad thing for Bali tourism activities. Tourists often feel uncomfortable with the beggars who always interfere with comfort. Beggars often demand the money to anyone. Their presence has always been a bad thing about Bali.

7. Bogus tour guides

The number of self-styled tour guide in Bali a bad thing that should be followed up. Bogus tour guides like to lie to the tourists. Even many self-styled tour guide extortion. Ironically, the self-styled tour guide lied about sights they pass on to tourists. So that tourists get the wrong information about the tourist places they visit in Bali.

8. Not timely

Time is money, time is selfishness. Time is sensitivity. In Bali, timeliness is not a thing that can be obtained easily. If you want to see the sun set in TanahLoh, and you should arrive there at 03:00 pm, do not expect you to arrive on time at Tanah Lot. Many obstacles that you are used to while on the road. Traffic jams, vehicle strike, drivers who do not care about the time, and much more that makes bad things about Bali.

9. corrupt police 

Some time ago, a tourist recording a corrupt police actions in Bali. Police corruption is commonplace in Bali. That is why tourists feel safe to be in Bali. They blatantly violated when the police bribe traffic.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ngurah Rai Airport will be closed when the day of Nyepi 2014

Nyepi is a day before the Balinese new year based on the Balinese calendar. When Nyepi, all activity stopped in Bali. Vehicles, shops, offices, and airports closed. No one should act commotion everywhere. Airport closures made on Monday, March 31, 2014, until the next day.

Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali when Nyepi 2014 will be closed for one day, for 24 hours. There should be no flight activity is currently underway Nyepi. The order was immediately conveyed by the Governor of Bali. This is done so that the implementation of Nyepi in Bali runs with good and full of wisdom. Thus, the airlines at home and abroad are not scheduled flights to Bali.

When the day of Nyepi, there are four events that should not be done at the Hindu people of Bali. Not to be traveling, should not start a fire, should not work, and should not be fun. All that is taboo to do during Nyepi. Therefore, the airport is closed so that no activity whatsoever in Bali. The ban is also extended to private institutions of society, religious institutions, traditional institutions, airlines, ground transportation and shipping company.

Bali is an island with a majority of its citizens are Hindu by religion. Hinduism in Bali is different from Hindus in India and other countries. Hindus in Bali has fused with local traditions and culture, resulting in a new religion that is different from anywhere else.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Volcano in Bali

Mount Agung, Volcano in Bali

Indonesia is an archipelago with many volcanoes are still active today. Bali also has a volcano. Beginning in 2014 there were two volcanoes in Indonesia. Mountain that erupted in early 2014 was Mount Sinabung and Mount Kulud.

Bali has a lot of mountains. However there are two mountains that are still active and ready to erupt at any time without our knowledge. Bali volcano to erupt was Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Both of these mountains are always monitored its activities. Two years ago Mount Batur showed signs of erupting. However, activity was lost. The highest volcano in Bali is Mount Agung. If erupts, then Bali would be destroyed.

Volcano in Bali currently only two are known to be active and always supervised activities. If both the volcano erupted in Bali, the Bali certainly be destroyed. Earthquake due to volcanic eruption will be felt throughout Bali. The building will be destroyed, roads and bridges being damaged. Certainly many people will die in Bali. Because the island of Bali is a small island, volcanoes dampat definitely felt throughout the island. Rain of hot dust, stones thrown from the top of the mountain, and the hot lava will destroy the whole area of Bali.

Mount Batur, Volcano in Bali
Balinese people are always worried if another island volcano eruption occurs. As in Java, Mount Kelud erupted. Bali residents perplexed, because the island is part of a cluster of the world's volcanoes are very active and dangerous. If a volcano erupts, the possibility of another mountain will erupt.

The ritual is always done by the people of Bali in the hope that does not happen in Bali's volcanic eruption. Ritual has a great ability to prevent the volcanic eruption in Bali. Rituals are done not only with prayer, but with sacrifice to evoke a positive energy that is able to give a good impact to the natural order is always friendly with humans.

Volcanic eruption is a terrible natural disaster if it occurs in human settlements. As in Java, volcanic eruption occurred in residential areas. Occurred resulting in the death of people around the mountain erupted. Bali is very lucky not affected by the volcanic eruption in Java.

Update on Bali volcano, Mount Agung, has shown signs of eruption in September 2017. But back then Mount Agung was back about. Signs of eruption in September 2017 are known from the smoke bunches that emerge from the top of the mountain, as well as earthquakes that occur very often up to hundreds of times a day. At that time residents around the mountain must evacuate to a radius of 12 km. But by mid-October 2017, the volcano was calm again and residents could return home.

Mount Agung erupted again on Saturday, November 25, 2017, 5:30 pm. The eruption was clearly visible with a cloud of big and dark smoke. When the night is clearly visible red light at the top of the mountain. The red light is the lava that meets the crater at the top of the mountain.

At the time of eruption, the ash rains occur. Airports in Bali and Lombok are closed to avoid accidents caused by air around Bali filled with volcanic ash. Many tourists stuck at the airport can not go home by plane.

In some rivers with upstream on Mount Agung experiencing severe floods with cold lava. The cold lava flood in the river resulted in many dead fish. Rice fields that rely on river water menjasi damaged. Many rice plants die.

When the volcano in Bali erupts on November 25, 2017, residents living around the mountain must evacuate. The local government implements a disaster response day until December 10, 2017. Residents still in danger zone are not allowed to return to their homes despite the calm condition of the mountain.

I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport closed the impact from the ash of Mount Agung eruption
Mount Agung erupts in Bali, the volcano is now at the highest level (Level IV)
Terrible, Mount Agung erupts with incandescent lava and explosions
In Bali there is ash rain, the impact of Mount Agung eruption
The volcano in Bali, Mount Agung erupted at 5:30 pm, 25-11-2017
The volcano in Bali Gunung Agung took a month to erupt

Ogoh-ogoh 2014 parade, Bali

Ogoh-ogoh are works of sculpture in Balinese culture. Describing the personality to Bhuta Kala. In the teachings of Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala represents the power of the universe and the time the immeasurable and undeniable. In the embodiment of the statue in question, Bhuta Kala portrayed as large and frightening, usually in the form of a giant.

Ogoh-ogoh Parade 2014 will be held on March 30 . Parade this time will be heavily guarded by the police . Because this year is the year for Indonesian politics , as well as for the island of Bali . Many parliamentary candidates utilizing ogoh-ogoh parade in 2014 for a campaign event . With the aim of obtaining the many sympathizers . It is feared that there will be clashes between the groups with ogoh-ogoh bring different donors .

When the campaign season , many donors who donated money to make ogoh - ogoh . The goal is to get the support of a group of people who make ogoh - ogoh . 2014 is certainly a lot of ogoh - ogoh are made using funds provided by the candidates for parliament . Ogoh-ogoh on March 30, 2014 feared swept up politics ahead of the elections. Police urged Hindus who make ogoh-ogoh not reflect certain political interests.

Police and security forces stand guard while certainly a lot of ogoh-ogoh parade in 1014 which will take place on March 30 . 9 April 2014 is the day of parliamentary elections in Indonesia . This year is the year of politics that always occurs every year in Indonesia . Ogoh-ogoh parade is always held every year . While the parliamentary election is held every five years .

Ogoh-ogoh and Nyepi 2014, Bali

Ogoh-ogoh in Bali
Nyepi 2014 in Bali on March 31, 2014. Nyepi is a day to relax, meditation, resist the urge, do not go out of the house, the day of prayer, hunger and thirst, do not start a fire, should not be seized and fight. That's the usual activities undertaken by residents of Bali, the day of Nyepi in Bali.

Ogoh-ogoh parade before Nyepi Day 2014 will be held on March 30, 2014. Ogoh-ogoh 2014 feared by political observers will be used as a campaign event. Because this year is the year of politics in Indonesia. Parliamentary and presidential elections took place in 2014. Parliamentary elections in April.

When the day of Nyepi, all the roads are very quiet, no vehicles, no people, no lights on at night, no noise, no fumes, no shops are open, the airport was closed, schools were closed, only hospitals that remain open. Even the local television broadcast is not permitted.

That may be crossing the street only ambulance, and other emergency purposes. Street only security officers guarding the area so that no criminal acts of the wicked. Allowed to turn on the lights if there are infants and the sick. All must be with the knowledge of security officers and local village officials.

When Nyepi, tourists and foreign tourists should not be doing activities that prominently outside the hotel. Not to be traveling to disturb the peace. Tourists and foreign tourists are only allowed activity around the hotel. All tour and travel services suspended when Nyepi.

Before Nyepi is vestival ogoh-ogoh, which can be witnessed by tourists. When watching ogoh-ogoh, it is advisable to look for a good location and proper staging. Because not all areas in Bali featuring ogoh-ogoh. Highly recommended to watch ogoh-ogoh in the arts center. Denpasar, Tabanan, and Gianyar, has Parede ogoh-ogoh is good and beautiful. Ogoh-ogoh large lot in Tabanan, ogoh-ogoh beautiful lot in Gianyar, ogoh-ogoh unique lot in Denpasar and Badung.

The day after Nyepi day in 2014, was the day Ngembak Geni. Named Ngembak Geni because people may start a fire and work as usual. It is highly advised not to visit any beach in Bali on Nyembak Geni. For all the beaches in Bali certainly visited by residents of Bali to perform ritual ablutions.

Nyepi Day has been internationally recognized as a day to clean up the pollution and destruction of nature from nature olehmanusia. Because on the day of Nyepi, all human activity stopped completely. When Nyepi, the earth becomes more calm, peaceful, the air is free of pollution. Birds and other animals can live freely without fear with the threat of humans.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Again, a tourist from australia dead in a hotel room in Bali

Pieter Vermeltfuort, Australian tourists died in a hotel room, Hotel Bakung Sari, Jalan Kubu Anyar Kuta, Badung, Bali
Pieter Vermeltfuort, Australian tourists died in a hotel room, Hotel Bakung Sari, Jalan Kubu Anyar Kuta, Badung, Bali. He died on Wednesday, February 19, 2014. This male tourists staying at the hotel since February 3, 2014. The hotel clerk was suspicious of the number of rooms 128, tourists staying in the room had not been out for a few days. The hotel clerk then called the police. The room door was dismantled by force.

From the results of the examination while, there was no sign of violence on the body belonged to Pieter Vermeltfuort. However, police found a lot of imported liquor scattered. In the room also found several drug Aspirin, codapane, oxynorm efexor capsule, paracetamol and four bottles of alcohol Grant's brand.

According to police, the tourist dies in sleep supine on the floor with a blue base and white linen. His condition was not wearing a shirt and wearing only underwear. His body was already stiff, in the veins of the body visible blood clot. From ear bleeds blackish. Now Pieter Vermeltfuort corpse was in Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar.

Too often there are tourists dead in Bali. Many causes. However, most of the reported were Australian tourists. Very worrying, as Bali became hell for Australian tourists. Because too often Australian tourists died in Bali with many factors.

Some tourists from Australia said that Bali is their second home. According to their Bali very pleasant. In fact there are a lot of people want to settle Australian living in Bali, and became a citizen of Indonesia. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Udeng = destar, not udheng, Balinese male headband

Udeng = destar, not udheng, Balinese male headband Udeng, by the Balinese people also called destar, is a fabric that is folded into a very interesting and worn on the head. Udeng is headband for Balinese men. Destar is udeng, but not written by udheng. So, udheng will have a different meaning with udeng.

Udeng (not udheng) always imposed by the Balinese man in traditional and religious ceremony in Bali. Udeng real function is to make the appearance of a man look more presentable and attractive. Although the beginning of the use of udeng intended that the hair does not decompose.

Udeng = destar, not udheng, Balinese male headbandAlong with the development, and trends in the fashion of headband for Balinese men getting changed, the design and structure of the udeng also growing and changing. The use of a udeng now a fashion trend among people of Bali. Every year, style, color, and design on a udeng always changing. Although the eyes see at a glance, the appearance of a udeng always the same all of the time-to time, but if examined carefully so there are a lot of changes in the design and style on a udeng in Bali.

Udeng = destar, not udheng, Balinese male headband
Udeng formerly made by using a folded cloth. Now udeng there are ready to use without the hassle of folding. Many stores that sell udeng that is ready to use. The price is also very cheap, with a variety of patterns and colors. The size is also you can choose according to your large head circumference.

Udeng have varying prices, the price depends on the fabric used, and the mode of Carna and fotif used. The price of a udeng ranging from 1 dollar to 10 dollars. Very inexpensive and can be used to visit the temple in Bali.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Water rain in Bali, dust rain in Java

Rain is often the case in Indonesia is water. But this time there were two different types of rain, and so the contrast difference. In Bali rain is water, but the dust rain in Java. Rain of water is common, but the rain of dust occurred in Java, along with the eruption since two days ago.

In Bali rainy season usually occurs during the month of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. Currently in Bali still it rains. Rain in Bali today is part of the rainy season. But different things happen in Java. In Java it was raining dust. Dust originating from volcanic eruptions. Mountain that erupted in East Java, Mount Kelud. Being a natural disaster for many people in Java. Almost everywhere on the island of Java experience the rain of dust from the mountain that erupted in East Java.

Mount Kelud is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. It is currently being erupted. The current eruption was the largest since recorded. Until now three people have already died as a result of this disaster. Dust from this mountain reached in Bogor, West Java. Many airports in Java should be closed.

Dust rain in Java resulting in great loss and suffering. Many homes were damaged, destroyed rice fields, crops can not be saved, dead livestock, damaged vehicles, public service halted. Everyone is feeling the effects of the eruption of Mount Kelud be suffering. Residents around the mountain should evacuate to a safe place.

Bali as the island closest mountain erupted today in Java, lucky not to feel the impact of the eruption. The wind was blowing from east to west, so that the volcanic ash is not on the island of Bali. Residents of Bali just witnessed the eruption of Mount Kelud through the TV. Not affected, making residents feel safe and neighbor Bali during activity. Rice paddies and cattle survived.

Bali has a nickname as the Island of the Gods. Residents of Bali always perform rituals in all aspects of life. Balinese people believe they are protected by the gods. Protected from the impact of disasters in Java. Bali so avoid the rain of dust that disrupt the activity of citizens. All rituals are performed with the aim to balance the energy in the universe. So nature in Bali to be balanced and no major natural disasters occur.

Effects of dust rain is damaging. Damage crops, water hygiene, animal be dead, so that people become food shortages due to dust cover crops and agricultural land, the dust can also make animals die. Luckily, did not happen in Bali. If it happens in Bali, the tourism industry would suffer huge losses. Foreign tourists go, and no one wants to visit Bali. If it rains dust occurs, many resorts will be dirty, the water becomes dirty, the hotel becomes dirty, then the tourists would not be welcome to stay in Bali. The economy will be disrupted.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mount Kelud erupted in East Java

Indonesia has many volcanoes are still active. Java is a volcanic island that has the most, and most often erupt. Bali also has an active volcano, ready to erupt at any time without our knowledge. Mount Agung is one of Bali's volcanoes are still active. Although now in a state of rest, but we are not in when the mountain will erupt.

Today in East Java there is a volcano that has erupted, and is still going on until this time. Mountain that erupted in East Java named Mount Kelud in Kediri. Mount Kelud had erupted from the date of February 13, 2014. Material from the eruption of the mountain out and ejected to a height of 17 kilometers, including volcanic ash.

Residents who were evacuated around the mountain. No one is allowed to be around Mount Kelud with a radius of up to 15 kilometers. Because this area is very dangerous.

Mount Kelud has a height of 1,776 meters above sea level, erupted at 22:56 at night, and the second eruption occurred at 23:30 Thursday night. At the time of eruption of the mountain was issued hot lava, ash and pebbles to throw radius of tens of kilometers.

Mount Kelud estimated to have erupted more than 30 times since the year 1000. The mountain erupted recorded several times in the span of 1919 to 2007. On May 19, 1919, Mount Kelud erupted killing at least 5,000 people, most of them die due to exposure to hot lava.

Mount Kelud erupted remove dust and blown up to West Java. Dust from the eruption also disrupt flight in Indonesia. Flight 130 plane, with the goal of 7 areas for the eastern region was canceled. It happens, to anticipate the occurrence of something undesirable. 7 area that is, Soemarno Adi, Solo (Central Java), Adi Sucipto, Yogyakarta, Juanda, Surabaya (East Java), Ahmad Yani, Semarang (Central Java), Abdul Rahman Saleh Malang (East Java), Tunggul Wulung, Cilacap (Central Java), and Husen Santra State Airport, Bandung (West Java).

Mount Kelud is not currently erupting again, only a little material, but the impact of volcanic ash still occur. At the very least, the operationalization of the four major airports in Central Java and East Java suspended for reasons of flight safety. There are strange things happening at the moment Kelud erupted. Initially this mountain suddenly erupted twice. After two very large eruption, the mountain suddenly not showing signs of eruption. Silent as silent, calm, and quiet.

unt Kelud eruption, there are three people dead. The three men who died were located at a radius of 7 kilometers from the summit of the mountain. The thickness of the ash when the evacuation of the discovery of the victim reaches 20 cm. Currently there are evacuation of some residents who remained in the radius of 10 km.

Fortunately, the island of Bali is not affected by the eruption of Mount Kelud. However, many airlines are heading to Bali to go through the lines very much. The aircraft is heading to Bali should avoid clouds and dust from the eruption. Balinese people are not concerned with the conditions that hit Indonesia. They believe that god always protect the people of Bali. During the Balinese people still do rituals and love nature, then nature will not destroy the lives of the people of Bali.

Bali remains a target of drug trafficking

There are many cases related to the arrest perpetrators of drug dealers in Bali. Most of the people arrested carrying drugs to Bali is a foreign citizen. Even the amount of drug that is taken very much. With millions of dollars selling points. Such an event is concluded that Bali is a very good market for selling drugs.

One case of concern about drug world is about a female Australian citizen who bring marijuana weighing more than 4 kilograms. And now for parole. There was also a woman from England who was arrested carrying drugs to Bali.

Yesterday Customs officer Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, thwarting efforts methamphetamine smuggling 1.5 kilograms involving citizens of South Africa. The man named Stephen Henri Lubbe (58), was arrested by officers who suspected him shortly after stepping off the plane HX 6705 Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong-Denpasar route. Allegedly he is an international drug syndicate, if seen from the number and type of narcotic goods 1.5 kilograms of shabu or methamphetamine were seized. He is an international network of drug couriers.

Of the many cases of arrests of foreigners who bring drugs into Bali, it is concluded that there are many people who use drugs in Bali. Perhaps, the target market drug sales in Bali is not only foreign tourists, but also locals. Many residents become ill in Bali, after using the drug in a very long period of time. This condition can be known from the foundation that specifically address the issue of drug and its users.

Type methamphetamine is the most dominating of drug trafficking case in Bali. Then the distribution of marijuana, ecstasy, hasish, cocaine and heroin. Denpasar is the most common cases of drug trafficking.

The rise of drug trafficking in Bali is influenced by many things. The progress of tourism in Bali is also a factor, many entertainment venues supporting tourism that is often used as a drug transaction, the progress of science and technology, and also an increase in demand of the people of Bali as a result of changing lifestyles and economic progress.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bali is a favorite honeymoon spot in the world

Bali is known as an island paradise. Many foreign tourists come to Bali to enjoy the beauty of the white sand beaches, mountains, terraced rice fields that are very unique, rivers, cheap hotel, a restaurant with good food, quiet villa, a vehicle to play very much, water rides, petting zoo, and still many more interesting places in a very small island.

Since the number of places of interest in the island, make Bali a favorite place by anyone, as a tourist destination, a place to get married, the place for honeymooners, and held international performances., a leading hotel booking site and Asia, and part of the Priceline Group listed on Nasdaq (Nasdaq: PCLN), today announced the results of a global survey of honeymoon destinations that they did before. The survey, conducted online in January and February 2014, involving more than 15,000 customers to choose one among the 20 locations honeymoon of their dreams. With a ratio of one of the five most travelers choose the Maldives, and the Greek Islands, Paris, and Bali respectively.

Best honeymoon destinations based on a poll conducted

Maldives 20.3%
Greek Isles 7.8%
Paris 7.6%
Bali 7.1%
Hawaii 6.6%
Italy 6.5%
Caribbean Islands 5.7%
Tahiti 5.6%
New Zealand 5.2%
Istanbul 3.8%
Phuket 3.5%
Australia 3.4%
Prague 2.8%
Las Vegas 2.7%
New York 2.5%
Spain 2.5%
Cancun 2.4%
Rio de Janeiro 2.2%
Croatia 1.0%
Montreal 0.9%

Bali deserves to be the best place for honeymoon. Honeymoon in Bali will be giving out a pleasant experience for tourists. Inexpensive, attractive, beautiful, fun, exciting, cool, and much more to be had in the island. Of course the cost is very inexpensive option for honeymooners untama very pleasant.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Controversy about Corby parole

Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament, Pramono Anung, suspicious of government granted parole to Schapelle Leigh Corby, the queen of marijuana from Australia. He also saw government indecisive attitude in this case. He asserted that the government's decision to allow bail Corby, much of the sense of justice in Indonesian society, even hurt the people of Indonesia.

After being freed from jail in Kerobokan, Denpasar, Corby still hidden not want to expose themselves in public. She has not been out of the area of the villa where he lived today. Villa was named Sentosa Seminyak, located at Jalan Telaga Pura, Seminyak, Bali. The luxury resort is very well guarded. There were five or six men on guard at the front entrance area of the villa. The security check every guest. They also use a metal scanner or metal detector to every car that entered. Guests will enter the villa area where Corby lived questioned the identity, origin, and needs.

Journalists who would like to know the state of Corby should only be covered or do a live broadcast from outside the resort. However, Tuesday morning, Mike Willesee, Channel Seven reporter, Australian media getting an exclusive interview rights Corby, out of the villa where Corby lived.

Australian TV station, Channel Seven, was widely reported to be right the first interview with Schapelle Leigh Corby. It was rumored that the TV station was paid 1.8 million dollars. But reporter Mike Willesee said no agreement has been made, citing a report on the amount of money is "ridiculous", and asserts that the value of money is discussed with Corby is much lower than that reported.

Corby attitude that choose to stay in a luxury villa freed after criticism from many people. Corby previously rumored to be staying in the home of Mercedes, an older brother who is also a guarantor. However, Corby chose to stay at the villa. Corby decision is considered as a violation of his parole, so Corby should put back in jail.

I Gusti Ngurah Nyoman Winata, Customs officers who arrested Corby nine years ago, in an interview with Australian media,, on February 6, 2014, when he tells the story of the capture Corby carrying 4 kilograms of marijuana at Ngurah Rai Airport. He was disappointed with the decision of the parole given by the government to Corby. According to a person involved in drug case should be severely punished. As a Customs officer who often get cases like this if he did not agree Corby was just let go.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Parole for Schapelle Leigh Corby

Schapelle Leigh Corby

Schapelle Leigh Corby a woman from Gold Coast, Australia, received a prison sentence in Indonesia, because the cases of drug possession, marijuana weighing 4.1 kilograms.

Drugs were found in her bodyboard bag at Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport in 2004. Denpasar court sentenced 20-year sentence against Corby in 2005. This incident made the government and the people of Australia surprised.

Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, give clemency to Corby through Keputusan Presiden No. 22/G Tahun 2012, so Corby gets sentence reduction to 15 years. In the period 2006-2011, Corby also never get a remission of 25 months. Until late last year, Corby has received a total of 39 months of remission.

Since October 2013, Schapelle Leigh Corby has for parole but has not received an answer. Until now there has been news that Corby will be released on parole. Head of Kerobokan prison in Denpasar, Bali, Farid Djunaedi, he said that it is still awaiting parole issued the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia.

Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Amir Shamsuddin, said it would take a decision on the application for parole, for Corby, on Friday. All submissions will be fully processed on Friday.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, speaking to the media after hearing the news that Schapelle Leigh Corby possibility to be released from prison. According to Abbott, it is entirely a matter of the judicial system in Indonesia, the Indonesian justice system is definitely a little different than in Australia.

Tony Abbott declined to comment on the plan parole given to Corby by the Indonesian Government. According to him, an Australian who was in Indonesia to be the subject of judicial system in Indonesia. The opposite is true for Indonesian citizens in Australia.

Although there is no certainty when parole for Corby issued, some foreign media, especially from Australia, have been waiting since early this week. Some Australian television station, Channel 7, Channel 9, and Channel 10, already set up equipment in front of the jail in Kerobokan Denpasar, Bali. Preparation for the live broadcast of Bali were ready.

Corby parole opposition from a number of parliaments in Indonesia. They reasoned that the drug cases should not get parole. Because drugs can damage the young generation of Indonesia. Many have been harmed by the drug.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Australian tourists died after eating at a restaurant in Bali

Tourists from Australia named Rohan Max Fitzgerald , aged 29 years , died after eating at a restaurant . The restaurant also is a hotel located in Kuta , Bali .

According conveyed by the police , Mr. Rohan was eating at a restaurant famous hotel located in JalanPopiesII , Kuta , Sunday, February 2, 2014 . He was found lying on the floor of the toilet by a hotel guest . Then taken to the hospital , the Bali Medical Center Kuta  Hospital . Tourists were getting help from the hospital's medical personnel . But he died 30 minutes later .

According to police , there was no sign of violence against tourists . Police are also checking CCTV recording of the incident, and no anomalies that occur in the tourists .

Mr. Rohan was in Bali for four days . Police are still investigating the death of the Australian tourists . The bodies of the man now in Sanglah Hospital and the family is awaiting permission before autopsy.

Running out of money, tourists from Russia stealing in a shop

Tourists from Russia named Alexander Golubev, 45, tried to steal in a shop in Kuta, on Jalan Raya Keroboan. He prying a window on Oasia Fashion Gallery Store. Then go into the store through a window which he opened by force. But bad luck happened to him, before it can take precious baeang in the store, he was known to the security guard at the store. Then he hid. Then the store security guard called the police. Then police searched the store and found it while hiding in the toilet. Then take him to the police station for questioning.

From his confession, he ran out of money while in Bali. He does not take into account the cost of which will be spent in Bali. So he determined to steal to be able to meet their needs while in Bali. But police suspect him, there is no indication that he was arrested by police and deported to their home country.

There are many tourists who run out of money while in Bali. But the tourists who stole the incident because it ran very rare. Usually tourists who run out of money while in Bali, asking for help or his family to send money in order to return to their home country.

There are also tourists who run out of money while in Bali, they are looking for work. However, the condition is more severe, tourists ran out of money became homeless in Bali. They worked as laborers and porters in a market.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food poisoning in Bali?

Bali food poisoning suffered by foreign tourists have a negative impact on tourism image.

The food is supposed to provide health and fitness for the body, it resulted in damage or even death for some people. Many foreign tourists reported poisoned in Bali. Not even food, drinks also lead to foreign tourists must be sick. It is bad for the occurrence of Bali's tourism industry, which is known as the island with an abundance of beauty.

Food poisoning occurs because health standards set by the government are not within their condition in Bali as an international tourist destination. Poor standards valid globally in Indonesia is also applied in Bali. In addition to poor standards, lack of government supervision of the circulation of food products also provide the opportunity to commit fraud. The common practice is sometimes very detrimental to consumers.

Supervision of the restaurant and café also never done the government. Supervision is very necessary, in order to manage the restaurant and the café does not make food that could harm consumers. Periodic surveillance and giving sanction to a restaurant or café that cheating should be done. Necessary because not all provide good information to and clear to consumers about what ingredients are used in their dishes.

Indeed there is plenty of food and drinks dangerous circulating in Bali. Food and drink is not through the process of assessment and supervision of the authorities. One of the food products that are circulating in Bali at a health hazard is ketchup. Ketchup with the cheap price that includes the number of false testing, actually very dangerous if consumed. Most likely preservatives used for products that are dangerous liquids such as formalin. Some people are very sensitive to the harmful preservatives will feel discomfort in the throat and stomach after taking it.

Another product that is also dangerous to eat is dried noodle products. There are many products available in Indonesia dry noodles, also in Bali, which uses hazardous materials to preservatives. A few years ago has gained a lot of catching producers who cheat by using formaldehyde as a food preservative. Today the use of formaldehyde is expected to be done by the manufacturer of noodles.

In addition to processed foods, food poisoning is common among foreign tourists is because of allergies. Allergies can have a negative impact on the safety of a person's life if not handled properly. A few days ago, two foreign tourists from Australia died from food poisoning in Bali. It is estimated that they died because of allergies when eating seafood. Reported, the female presenters from both Australia holidaying in Bali with his family, they all fell ill. They are poisoning the food, the food you eat contaminated with germs.

The most terrible is poisoning Arak Bali. Arak Bali traditionally made ​​by the Balinese and sold by collectors and circulated by the seller. Before the sale, the seller is usually cheating with Arak Bali mixing with methanol. Hazardous liquids are typically used to burn. Already there are many victims of Arak Bali. Balinese people are dying because of drinking Arak Bali mixed with methanol. Many foreign tourists and some even dying blind.

This is Indonesian, weak oversight of the government of the circulation of food and drinks affects the health of citizens and the destruction of foreign tourists visiting Bali. The government should create an organizational oversight of food and beverage products that circulate in the community, as well as to supervise the restaurant, bar, and café on the products they provide to consumers. To avoid anymore bad things happen to us all.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Temples ceremony schedule in Bali, March 2014

Temples ceremony and temples festivals schedule in March 2014

March 1, 2014
- Aci Sarin Tahun - Pura Ulun Kulkul Besakih
- Pura Dalem Yang Taluh Sidemen – Karangasem
- Pura Dalem Kangin Sidemen - Karangasem

March 8, 2014
- Pura Pasek Tangkas Gempinis dalang Tabanan
- Pura Pasek Gelgel sayan Bongkase Abiansemal
- Pura Pemaksan Banyuning Timur Buleleng
- Pura Dadia Agung Bendesa Tangkas Kori Agung Pusat Gerih Desa Gerih Abiansemal Badung

March 10, 2014
- Pura Jati - Jembrana
- Pura Kawitan Batugaing - Bangli

March 12, 2014
- Pura Laban Sindu Jiwa Kedewatan Ubud
- Pura Kehen - Bangli
- Pura Jogan Agung - Ketewel Sukawati
- Pura Gadung Pengiasan Dauh Puri Denpasar
- Pura Pasek Gelgel Buruan Kaja Tabanan
- Pura Pasek Gobleg Kerambitan tabanan
- Pura Pasek Gelgel Meliling Tabanan
- Pura Masceti Selasih sanding Tampak Siring
- Pura Dadia Pasek Gelgel Kelabang Moding
- Merajan Pasek Gelgel Sekalan Marga
- Pura Dalem Ularan Banjar Tatasan Kaja Denpasar
- Pura Siwa/Pasek Toh Jiwa Penebel Tabanan
- Pura Pasek Ketewel Sempidi Mengwi
- Pura Sada Banjar Gaduh Desa Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan

March 15, 2014
- Pura Penataran sasih - Pejeng – Gianyar
- Pura Bukit Mentik Gunung Lebah Desa Batur Kintamani

March 22, 2014
- Pura Pasek Gelgel Pedungan Denpasar Selatan
- Pura Agung Pasek Tangun Titi kaler Tabanan
- Pura Agung Pasek Silamadeg Tabanan
- Pura Pasek Tangkas Kediri Tabanan
- Pura Kerta - Banyuning Barat Buleleng
- Pura Dalem Tenggaling Sengguan Singapadu
- Pura Kawitan Arya Wang Bang Pinatih Peguyangan Singaraja
- Pura Bhujangga Weisnawa Tegalcangkring Jembrana
- Pura taman Desa Bubunan Seririt Buleleng
- Pura Penataran Pande Dalem Batur Jati Banjar Pandean Mengwi
- Pura Dalem Pingit Br Taro Kaje Tegalalang
- Pura dadia Pasek Gelgel Gobleg - Desa Selat Sukasada Buleleng
- Pura Batur Arya Warih Kepaon Cengolo Sudimara Tabanan
- Pura Ida ratu Pande - Besakih
- Pura Penataran Pande Kusamba Klungkung
- Pura Penataran Agung Pinatih Tulikup Banjar Menak Desa Tulikup Gianyar

March 23, 2014
- Sangah Gede Dukuh Segening Tegal Tugu Gianyar

March 26, 2014
- Pura Pasar Agung Besakih
- Pura Pasek Bendesa Pasar Badung Legian Kuta
- Pura Gede Gunung Agung Dukuh Munggu Badung
- Pura Puseh/Pura Desa - Bebalang Bangli
- Pura Dalem Perancak Badung
- Pura Pasek Bendesa Hyang Selat Kerobokan Badung
- Pura Kekeran Langit Sading Mengwi