Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sanur Bali Flooded During The 2014 New Year

Sanur in Denpasar, Bali Indonesia, on new year of 2014 experienced a flood. Flooding caused by rainfall that occurred during two days without stopping. Rain occurred since December 31, until the rain still occur, although with not heavy.

Due to flooding, residents indulge in Sanur trouble at home. In fact many motor vehicles were flooded. So that the citizens of the vehicle were damaged. Beberepa residents use a rubber boat to go active.

Flooding in Sanur reach heights of up to an adult's knee. Sanur is frequent flooding this region due to geographical circumstances sanur is almost flush with the sea. So it is hard water flows to the curved if water overflowing rivers and ditches. Sanur is also recorded as a flood-prone area in Bali.

Flood events are becoming more frequent every year. This happens due to the large housing development and tourism support facilities.