Monday, January 13, 2014

Rice planting season is currently in Bali

Rice planting season is currently in Bali
From ancient Balinese people live and work as a farmer. Until now, the profession as farmers still do. However, the farmer only the parents, who did long ago was a farmer. The younger generation is very rarely interested in becoming farmers. Because working as a farmer is very tiring, but earning very little.

Bali is the current rainy season, and has been going on since two months ago. Water is abundant, even causing flooding. However, the availability of water is sufficient. So this time in Bali is the season to plant rice. All planted rice paddy in Bali began.

The best time to see the beautiful rice fields in Bali is from now through the next six months. Almost all the rice fields looks green, clean, and tidy. Decorated by green rice plants. Rivers and ditches in the rice field filled by water very clean, and clear.

For those who love the activity of photography, now is the perfect time to take a picture of the rice fields in Bali. Activities of farmers in rice fields into an object that is very nice to be taken with the camera. Farmers plant rice seedlings moment, when they're bending when planting, be a very good object to be taken. With the background of terraced rice fields and blue sky.

The best place to visit is Jatiluwih and Ubud. Both of these places have a very extensive rice fields and beautiful. Jatiluwih famous terraced rice fields and wide. Ubud is famous terraced rice fields that exist in the hills and valleys. As well as the beautiful river with water so clear and clean.

Regencies in Bali that is famous as the biggest rice producer is Tabanan. Tabanan has a nickname as the rice granary of Bali. Most of the rice for the consumption needs of the people of Bali are from Tabanan. Jatiluwih a rice field which is very nauseating and beautifully located in Tabanan. Tabanan residents work as the majority of farmers who worked the rice fields.

Previously foreign tourists to Bali to see the culture, art and tradition, but now they are to Bali to see the beauty of nature and enjoy the beach. The purpose of tourists come to Bali to enjoy the beginning of art and culture, turning to natural attractions and entertainment. So the resistance in Subak tradition as a defense against the survival of farmers who manage the fields in Bali, can be in danger of disappearing.