Sunday, January 5, 2014

Menjangan Island, a small and beautiful island

Menjangan Island, a small and beautiful island
Menjangan Island is located in West Bali. Is part of the West Bali National Park is highly protected by the government. The island is part of the Buleleng regency. But all forms managed by the National Plants management.

Menjangan island is not big, nor too small to be inhabited. However, because included in the protected area, then it should not be inhabited island. But in this island there are many temples. Temple in the Menjangan Island was pre. So the government gave permission to the development and improvement of the temple in this island.

Menjangan Island Beach
To be able to go to Menjangan Island, we had to use a boat. From a small pier, which PelabuhanLalang in Buleleng regency. We had to hire a boat that can be loaded by ten people. The trip from the pier heading to Menjangan Island will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Depending on weather conditions and sea state. If the bad weather and high waves of the sea, travel time will be longer. But if the weather is very nice and the ocean waves are not high, then the faster travel time.

When heading to Menjangan Island, on the way we will see a flock of dolphins that came up. But if we're lucky. Because there are dolphins around the sea are not many deer. Usually they come from the sea in Lovina area.

Deer in Menjangan IslandUpon arrival at the dock, on the island of Menjangan, we will see the beauty of the island with many cliffs and white sand around the beach. However, the shoreline of the island is very small. White sand is very coarse. Unlike in Kuta beach, the sand on the beach is very rough and dangerous.

We can walk around Menjangan Island. On this island there are no major roads. There was only a small footpath that has been in the right solid with cement. Along the road there appeared a herd of deer foraging. But when the blazing sun and heat, it is very difficult to find deer. Because they take shelter in the woods to avoid the heat. Deer in Menjangan Island, originated from Bali, which migrate by swimming across the ocean. They came to this island in search of food.

Dive in Menjangan Island sea
At the end of the path, we will find many temples. This Hindu temple has now been restored and repaired by the government. Benefits of temples built in the area of ​​Menjangan Island, so that every citizen wants to visit this island. Because of the people who come to this island, then they know that in this island there are many deer need food.

When a very long dry season, many deer are starving and dying. Since the construction of the temple, there are many people who pray at the temple. Then the deer there and get food from the rest of the trash after the ceremony. This deer was very tame. They are not afraid of human presence. Even they approach humans hoping to get food.

Temple In Menjangan Island Bali
If we surround Menjangan Island with walking, will roughly spend about one to two hours. Because the circumference of the island is only 7 km. Currently surrounds this island, we will be able to see a very clear sea water, free from contamination. There are many travelers who dive activities.