Thursday, January 30, 2014

Living life as the Balinese are very pleasant

Balinese Hindu ritual
Balinese people's lives are filled with unique rituals. Almost every day there is a ritual. Hindu rituals are very different from elsewhere. It was because of Hindu in Bali has been fused with the culture and traditions that existed before the influence of Hindu came to Bali. For this reason, Hindus in Bali is very different from anywhere else in the world.

From birth to death, the Hindu religion in Bali, has been confronted with the ritual. Ritual aims to get the balance of life in the universe. Not that the rituals of the Balinese people adore a lot of things. They still worship one God, but before the supreme God, there is still much lower than God, ie gods and ancestors.

Hindu, before entering to Bali, Balinese people have embraced the dynamism of trust, trust in the presence of ancestral spirits that always affect their lives. However, since the entry into Bali, dynamism confidence fused with the Hindu religion. Dinamisne blend with Hindu teachings, to make a new religion in Bali, the Balinese Hindu.

Balinese Hindu ritual
Many of the activities that must be done in Bali. Gather with other residents from one village. Work together in addressing the problem in the village. Working together to build the temple. Working together to make the road. Many of the activities are carried out together without thinking of the commission. All this is done in order to make life better. Togetherness is the capital of a better life in Bali.

But now everything is changed. Many people have thought of material life, from the social life in the neighborhood. The village as a place to live to be confronted with material interests. This has an impact on the materialistic attitude among residents. Thus threatening the survival of customs, culture, traditions, and art that became a tourist attraction for Bali.

Bali is very dependent on the social life of its citizens, so that the continuity idustri Bali tourism, as the island's main income, remains ongoing. If the residents of Bali choose to be an entrepreneur rather than maintaining a good social life, it can be transformed into the island of Bali is filled with competition. Competition can lead to disputes between residents.