Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kuta area flooded

Rain since morning in Bali, resulting in flooding in some areas in Bali. Kuta is one of the areas affected by flooding. It is estimated that the rain will continue to happen until tomorrow. So that residents stay in wi flood-prone areas around the need to remain vigilant.

Kuta as a tourist destination of various countries, have to bear the shame, due to the flooding that occurred today. Flooding in Kuta caused by very poor drainage system. It is also caused by poor waste management around the housing. So much garbage strewn and piled in the gutter. So the gutters become clogged. Because the water is difficult clogged drain and overflow and inundate housing residents.

In addition, local governments are working on fixing the drainage system has been damaged in several locations. Process improvement that lasts caused the closure and clogging drains. This condition can also cause flooding in Kuta.

Flood debilitating residents and tourists is around Kuta. Traffic congestion, residents difficult activity, tourists feel uncomfortable with this situation. Kuta is known as a center of tourism in Bali, must be experienced flooding that always happens every time it rains hit sizzle.

The local government should make careful planning with a fixed calculation, so that flooding does not occur continuously repeated in Kuta. It can not be done in an instant, but at long-term planning should be made, so that the flood situation does not happen again.