Friday, January 17, 2014

Do you know the cause of Arak Bali become deadly?

Arak Bali is an alcoholic beverage made ​​by the people of Bali. This drink is made through a process of distillation of fruit and foliage. Distillates that produce alcoholic beverages called Arak Bali.

Arak Bali traditionally made by Balinese people. Not made by the big companies are capable of producing very much a day. Arak Bali created and produced alcoholic drinks on a small scale, and included in the home-based business. You alone can make arak Bali with just a few simple tools, and the materials are easy to come by.

However, in the sale of Arak Bali, there are a few suppliers that make a very profitable business. They buy directly from some of the craftsmen and accommodate these beverages to be sold to consumers. Purity of this supplier Arak Bali should be questioned. Very common fraudulent actions by traders to gain a huge advantage.

Many rogue traders Arak pure mixing with dangerous chemicals. The goal is to get greater profits. Arak Bali usually mixed with additional water and alcohol. To obtain the harsher effect on Arak Bali which has been mixed with water, added a little methanol, or other dangerous materials. To trick a strange taste, which adds a lot of this procession with club soda, and add a little artificial sweetener.

Balinese people who understand and master of Arak Bali, they know the difference Arak Bali with original and pure mixed with various hazardous materials. Arak Bali is pure and authentic when taken in appropriate amounts, it will not cause damage to body tissues. However Arak which has been mixed with hazardous liquids, one drink can damage the stomach and other organs. It can even cause death.

A few days ago, in North Bali, in Buleleng Regency, there is a very sad incident. Three people died and 24 had to hospitalization due to drink Arak Bali which has been mixed with the methanol. The deadly drink obtained from a grocer who also sold wine. The police arrested the traders and inquire from him.

Based on the information obtained, it turns deadly wine has been blended with a number of dangerous liquids such as methanol. This was done to aim to get a big profit. The great advantage that hurt many people, until death occurs.

Should we all have to be vigilant with events like this. It is better not to drink liquor unclear origin. Should we drink alcohol that has been registered and the apparent source of production. Although expensive the most important is the goal that earned dirapkan but not damage body tissues.