Friday, January 31, 2014

Denpasar City in Bali

Denpasar City in Bali Indonesia
Denpasar is the provincial capital of Bali, and is a large city whose population is very much.

Denpasar is the center of Bali's economy. In addition to the economic center, as well as a business center in Bali. Most of the fast-growing business is the retail business. Retail business is a favorite, because the number of people very much, and the purchasing power of citizens is very high, making the retail business spread throughout the region in Denpasar.

Sanur Beach in Denpasar Bali
Local government to develop the city while maintaining the concept of culture and tradition in Bali. This concept will be retained to indicate the identity of Bali, through the city of Denpasar. A city represents an assessment of the overall area. If the look of a city is very bad, then the condition is characteristic of the condition of an area entirely. Similarly, in Bali. If the city of Denpasar has a bad condition, then a sample of the whole Bali condition. Therefore, the local government gives a feel of the local culture and to show yourself so true Bali.

One of the problems that are faced by large cities in the whole world is a traffic jam. Traffic congestion always occurs in almost all roads in Denpasar. The absence of mass transport, the condition of the road. The more the road is getting crowded with personal vehicles. Very difficult to find a mode of mass transportation. The most widely found taxi just as a means of public transport.

Bali Museum in Denpasar
One of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Denpasar is Sanur Beach. Sanur is a favorite tourist area. The beach is very quiet with a charming view of the sea. The sun rises in the morning is very beautiful. Sanur Beach is famous for its beautiful sunrise. Many foreign and local tourists who take advantage of his time in the morning for jogging or cycling in the region. The track stretches towards the south passes through a series of Sanur Beach, the Sindhu Beach, Karang Beach, until Semawang Beach.

Denpasar City is a city of history for the people of Bali. When the Dutch colonial period, Denpasar became the center of the struggle for the fighters. Many soldiers are dead. Place the resistance of the people of Bali are on Puputan. The war was called the war of Puputan. Puputan is final until death. So Puputan War is war by Balinese people against the invaders until the end until death.

Bajra Sandhi monument in Denpasar city
Bali provincial administration center is located in Denpasar, in Renon. Renon is a government and private office complex. Banks, Post Office also there. There is a large monument in the middle of the park. It is Bajra Sandhi monument. Monument that became an icon of Denpasar. The monument is also an art museum. Renon is the urban center of the lives of people in Bali. Malls and shopping centers within easy reach of Renon. Renon is a beautiful area and neat. Infested trees in the side of the road, sometimes flowering simultaneously beautify the atmosphere. In addition Renon also features a garden city.

Bali Museum is located in the center of Denpasar. Bali Museum built in 1931, was designed by architect named PJ Moojen. Exterior walls, courtyard, and the gate is designed with a distinctive style or royal castle in Denpasar. There are four buildings in the museum complex.

Ubung bus station is the biggest bus station in Bali
Denpasar has a very crowded bus station. The bus station called the Terminal Ubung. Located in West Denpasar, Ubung bus station is the biggest bus station in Bali. It is the only inter-provincial bus station transport to various destinations in the city of Java-Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara. Not only connecting the island with the outside area, the buses here are also a liaison to the cities in Bali.

Now, Denpasar grows as the city is very large and complex. The most difficult problems faced by local government is population growth. Many migration from Java to Bali, resulting in increase in the number of people very rapidly in Denpasar. The most difficult problem encountered is traffic congestion. Vehicles that more and more as well as the absence of mass transport modes have an impact on the use of private vehicles by citizens. So that every street in the city is always traffic congestion.