Friday, January 17, 2014

Death of foreign tourists in Bali

Leak Bali
Dead is the end of life. In Bali death ends with cremation. Cremation in Bali is often called a ngaben. The death of many kinds. In general there are two types of death. Deaths due to expected and unexpected deaths due. Deaths due to expected his name is suicide.

Bali as a tourist destination famous, but many tourists who died in Bali, so it's image. Because Bali is very much a tourist reported dead from various causes. There is a known cause, there is also no known cause. Bali as a tourist destination by people from various countries, should be able to provide comfort and safety for anyone. But this is Indonesia, a country emerging and emerged from the crisis that never happened, take some time to be able to be a country that can provide security for anyone.

The death of a tourist in Bali, be bad news for the reputation of Bali. Because long ago, Bali is known as the island is very safe and comfortable place to visit. But along with the growth of population and lifestyle changes, now the island of Bali into hell. Opinion who has told that Bali is hell, never reported by the Times magazine. And it is an indisputable fact.

Since the beginning of 2000 until now, there has been much news of the death of foreign tourists in Bali. Even the most common time of the Bali bombing. At that time there were more than 200 foreign tourists who died because of the bomb. Terrible and heartbreaking, too sad. Bali is no longer safe for anyone.

In addition to the bomb, the death of foreign tourists also occur due to many factors. Factors that could have been prevented and addressed. Some of the factors causing the deaths of foreign tourists is the food, beverage, murder, robbery, rape, accidents, disease, and natural disasters. But the worst death and damage the image of Bali is for murder.

It has been very often we hear of foreign tourists who were vacationing in Bali died because they were killed. Of cause there is trivial, there are also complex. Such as murder because the romance and fights. But the death of foreign tourists in Bali is the most unique because of food allergies. As happened some time ago. Two Australian tourists died from eating seafood.

The killing of foreign tourists are also common in Bali. It usually occurs in conjunction with the murder case of theft and robbery. The most vulnerable are the tourists who occupy the villa which is not guarded by a security guard. Such conditions would facilitate entry and hurt tapered robbers who were in the villa.

But one death is very bad and embarrassing for the image of Bali is alcohol poisoning. These events often occur, but only a few cases reported in the media. Also very little has been known cause. Deaths from drinking Arak Bali is one case that is very damaging to the image. Because Arak Bali is Balinese-made alcoholic beverages.

Whatever the cause of death, especially in Bali involving foreign tourists, at least it can be avoided. Because the reputation of Bali as a safe and convenient island may fade due to an act of crime committed by people who do not care about Bali.