Saturday, January 18, 2014

Buffalo racing in Jembrana is a gamble

Buffalo races that exist in Jembrana is a unique, although there are also some other places in Indonesia. Jembrana is located in the area of West Bali. This tradition has existed long ago and never lost. Because there are many aspects that are inside. Not just a racing event the animal, but also a lot of things involved in this activity.

Buffalo racing in Bali called makepung. Basically it is a hobby of some groups of citizens. Also by the buffalo breeder. They create a group and a team. There are many teams in buffalo race in Jembrana. So that every month there is a match routine.

Indeed buffalo race in Jembrana Bali is gambling in disguise. Gambling is risking a lot of money. Unlike the gambling bout of chicken, buffalo racing gambling in a more organized and protected. Take cover behind the tradition that must be maintained by the government. So gambling on buffalo racing can run safely and without threat. But if gambling on cock fights, banned by the police. So it is always in the chase and arrested by police.

Surely no one benefited from buffalo race in Jembrana. Each time a match, each participant must pay great. Because of transportation costs, maintenance buffalo, buffalo care, consumption, they have to bear alone. No sponsor. They actually just vent hobby and prestige of the owner of the buffalo.

In the treatment of buffalo that can be made fighter, buffalo breeder must pay great. For completeness of nutrients, vitamins, so buffalo grow well and healthy, and can be a powerful bull with optimal durability. Read also: Makepung, buffalo racing is very painful.