Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beach abrasion in Bali

The island of Bali has a coastline of about 430 km. Not long, but not too short. Therefore Bali can be explored in one day. If not stopped by in a long time in some places. Along the beach in Bali there are also many tourist attractions, and a destination for tourists from various countries.

Beaches in Bali is very famous. The most famous in the area of ​​southern Bali. Because there are a lot of beach in South Bali have white sand, with big waves, so it is great for surfing, as in Kuta Beach. So the government pays great attention to its sustainability. To prevent damage due to abrasion and exploitation. More attention from the government to the beach in South Bali, making the beach is always awake condition.

But unlike the coastal conditions in West Bali. Beaches in West Bali is not a beautiful beach. Everything is black sandy and rocky. Beaches in West Bali became the center of the fishing industry. Fishermen and fish processing companies based there. Beaches in West Bali is also a river estuary for very much. During the rainy season, the beach will be very dirty by litter of the forest in the mountains.

Because the beach in West Bali is not a tourist area, the government is very less attention. Even none at all. Conditions are not maintained and are not observed, there must be self-supporting citizens to take care of the beach.

Currently shoreline in West Bali on the wane, it is caused by the abrasion that occurs. 88.3 kilometer beach on Bali experience abrasion. The most severe erosion occurs in Jembrana Regency. Starting from the Perancak village in Mendoyo, up to the beach in the Candikusuma village in Melaya. Many residential occupation at the beach was destroyed due to abrasion. Even the most severe in Perancak village, and the Pebuahan village. Many homes were destroyed by waves continues to hit. Even a lot of sand washed out to sea. So that the region does not have a beach because the sand is swept away.

The government just pay attention and maintain the beach in Pengambengan village, Negara district, Jembrana. Pengambengan village region there are many fish processing plants. And a harbor for fishing vessels. Pengambengan be between Perancak village and Pebuahan village. Construction of a breakwater embankment so as not to damage the beach in Pengambengan.

Anxiety residents living in the affected coastal erosion continues to convey to the government. But only a few of the place that gets the attention. Breakwater embankment construction does require a very large cost. However, if no abrasion is not resolved, it will get bigger losses.

Based on the results of satellite monitoring in 2009, was originally a long coastline of Bali experience abrasion which reached 181.7 kilometers, but to date 93.35 kilometers has been successfully addressed by building a breakwater embankment.