Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bali is a very lucrative drug trade

Island of Bali as a world tourism destination which is very famous, so be a very profitable business activities. Because there are many people from different countries living in Bali. Europeans, Americans, Asians, Africans, Arabs, Australians, and many more, they stay in Bali.

More and more foreigners visiting Bali, the greater the profits earned by the tourism businesses. Hence increasing also in the foreign exchange earned by the country. Although not all of the people of Bali to enjoy the benefits of the tourism sector. At least the people of Bali's economic growth is improving. If the economy is getting better, then the purchasing power is getting better.

The purchasing power of the people of Bali are currently above average Indonesian citizen country generally. It can be measured from the number of cars increasing purchases in Bali. This is not apart from the tourism sector can prosper the people of Bali. So most people can afford to buy what they want.

But the purchasing power of citizens growing Bali, Balinese people are becoming increasingly consumptive. Feel has a lot of money, they buy anything even though they do not need. It is a waste, but that's the reality.

These conditions are exploited by an international network of drug dealers. They take advantage of the economic growth in Bali is getting better. Balinese people being targeted narcotics sales. Balinese people actually know that narcotics are harmful to health and their future, but a variety of tricks performed by a drug dealer.

One technique that is most often done by drug dealers that Balinese people want to buy it is to get into a discotheque and other night spots. From there the drugs are very easily offered. Relaxed and pleasant conditions in the discos, people become oblivious to everything that is bad and should be avoided. Such conditions make it easier for drug dealers to offer to anyone who is in the discotheque.

As some cases arrest drug dealers in discotheques by the police. Police repeatedly arrest drug dealers in discos and other night spots. In fact there are two disc jockeys who caught carrying and using drugs at a villa in Kuta. This incident proves that the drug began to be known and consumed since the knowledge of discos and nightclubs.

Bali has now become the second largest drug trafficking place in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the many Balinese people consume and become a victim. Many cases are discovered by the police, related drug use by the Balinese. Even sick to death many casualties occurred in Bali. Very poor condition, as the area is still growing.