Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Arak Bali is still killing people

Arak Bali were mixed with methanol to keep killing people until now. Although there are already many people died from drinking Arak Bali, as well as many media reported about the death of people after drinking Arak Bali, but until now there are still people drinking Arak Bali mixed with methanol.

A student at the Undiksha University in Singaraja, MadeYogi Artha, 19, died from allegedly drinking arak laced with methanol. He died on Sunday, before dying, he drank arak on Tuesday. When he is not alone drinking arak, he and six of his friends, but only he were dead.

Three weeks ago there were three people who died from drinking Arak Bali mixed with methanol. Dozens of people are dying and need hospitalization. It is known, drinks alcohol that left three people dead, has been mixed with the methanol. Pathetic and embarrassing, very silly death because alcohol is mixed with hazardous liquids.

Methanol is a hazardous liquid that is commonly used for burning. But who knows what is in people's minds, so that would take the dangerous liquid. As well as the sellers who intentionally mix with the liquid can be lethal human. Do not have feelings and conscience. Killing people by selling toxic brew.

Ironically, a student who died from wine mixed with methanol, it turns out he was a student at a top university in Bali. Students should have been able to control yourself and think jernis with logic. Either out of ignorance or victimized. At least this incident be a lesson for us all. We have to be careful when buying a drink that is not a trademark.