Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 new year celebration in Bali rain dampened

Maybe a lot of people in Bali feel annoyed when celebrating New Year's Eve. Because, from the afternoon until the morning, in nearly all areas of Bali rain occurs. Not even a light rain, but heavy rain. So it is very disturbing activities at night celebrations.

This month it is the rainy season. That is why every New Year's Eve celebration in Bali frequent rain. But New Year's Eve yesterday was the wettest for ten years. So the celebration is not going well.

Although the celebration of the new year yesterday it was raining non-stop, but we all should be grateful. Because there are no events that damage the image of Bali, such as terrorist attacks. Even the reported arrests of terrorists on the eve of the new year in other areas outside of the island of Bali.

Despite the rain, right at 00:00, Bali decorated with colorful fireworks. Residents poured out of the house looking to the sky to watch the fireworks that only happens once a year.

Residents who set off fireworks refuge behind an umbrella and a rain coat. Residents who witnessed it was using protective equipment.