Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tourists are not allowed to enter the temple area in Bali

Discourse delivered by the governor of Bali, about prohibiting tourists entering the temple area, being debated by various parties. Conflicting debates, giving rise to polemics and commotion among fellow Balinese.

Discourse which prohibit tourists entering the temple was first presented by the governor of Bali. Since emerging government plan to make Besakih as a strategic area of ​​national tourism development. Many people reject the government plan. Bali governor into emotion lead, and deliver discourses bar tourists entering all temples in Bali.

There is support, there is no denying, that appears increasingly heated debate among residents. Which supports most of the religious leaders. They assumed that the temple is a sacred area that must be maintained. Many rituals that must be performed to maintain the sanctity of the temple. And require substantial time and cost to execute the ritual. In fact there are rules and restrictions for someone with certain conditions should not enter the temple area.

Those who reject the discourse, mostly from working in the tourism industry in Bali. They fear that if tourists are not allowed to enter the temple area, then the tourists will not want to Bali. So no tourists who come to Bali. Bali then became quiet. Eventually they became lost income, and become poor.

Some analysts believe the governor of Bali discourse inadvertently made ​​the situation worse in Bali. Commotion in the community so that it appears relevant discourse that prohibits tourists entry to the temple. As if this is allowed by the government to intentionally polemic continued to occur, so in the end the deal will present itself from the people of Bali.

If the ban was imposed, the possibility of travelers will not want to visit the temple. So that all tourism activities, fully centered in South Bali. But if the ban was not enforced, may fray this will not happen, and tourism activities still going well as usual.

It is better if the rule was not enforced, but the supervision and regulation of the tourists who will enter the temple area, should be clarified, and the rules governing it flows studied and performed with the firm.