Friday, December 27, 2013

Security guard died from a snake in a hotel in Bali

This morning, at a hotel in Sanur, a hotel security guard to death because they were killed by a python. He died on the spot because he could not breathe. Wound around his neck by a snake.

Before the security guard was killed, before he saw a very large snake crossing the road leading to the hotel where she worked. The guard chasing snakes, and arrested him. Because he did not want hotel guests to panic if they see the snake. The snake was so big, it's just a brave security guard caught him, and seen by his friends.

As the snake's head and tail held, the snake fight, then the snake wrapped around the guard's neck. So he fell, but the snake was still wrapped around the guard's neck. No one dared to help him.

Because out of breath, the guard dies very quickly. Once the guard was dead, the snake went away unknown. The tourists were there in the neighborhood are encouraged to be careful.