Saturday, December 28, 2013

Legian Street Kuta became the center of new year celebration in Bali

Every New Year's Eve, Legian Street always be the center of celebrations every year. Because this region is the center of tourism in Bali. Kuta is a famous beach in the world. That is why local governments make New Year celebrations in the region.

Along Legian Street there are many bars, cafes, discos, restaurants, and hotels. So the region's many tourists who stay. Every New Year's Eve, at Legian Street is always crowded by tourists. Almost all tourists visiting Bali, when the new year celebration evening gathered in this way.

Later this year, to celebrate New Year's Eve, the local government, the local government of Badung, also makes Legian Street as the center of New Year's Eve celebration. In addition to enliven the New Year's Eve, also to attract tourists to Bali.

As with previous years, New Year's Eve party will also be held fireworks. Legian Street will be closed to motor vehicles. Residents and tourists can only be passed on the road by walking times. This is done for safety support during the celebration. Because the predicted time of New Year's Eve, around Kuta, and all the way to the beach of Kuta traffic jams will occur.

Usually when late at night, around Kuta beach many tourists are drunk. They spend a lot of time in bars and cafes fowl. As well as having fun at the beach and around Legian Street. In such conditions, many occur at night are not criminals targeting drunken tourists.