Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Donation of foreign tourists to Bali can not be implemented in 2014

Bali provincial government plan that would ask for a donation of USD $ 10 of foreign tourists in 2014 was postponed. The delay is due to constrained applicable law in Indonesia. Legal constraints it is contains the rules that local governments should not be asking for money in any form from anyone.

In terms of the rule of law is still a conflict if the government imposed levies norm donations from foreign tourists. Thus, the Bali provincial government, had to delay enforcement of the rule. The government must make corrections to the rules to avoid conflicts of norms and not contrary to law.

Bali governor has said that the imposition of donations to foreign tourists is part of the policy of protection of cultural heritage ( heritage protection ). Of nominal donation paid it already covers foreign tourists contribute to the protection of cultural heritage and environment of Bali, and in part an insurance policy to every tourist, so they are immediately insured when illness, accident and died.