Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 2013, Kuta Beach garbage emergency

December 2013, Kuta Beach garbage emergency
The rain continued throughout Bali, resulting in flooding in some places. Flood water flowing into the river carries a lot of garbage. Almost all rivers in Bali are filled with garbage. Trash the river swept away into the sea. A lot of garbage floating in the ocean. Trash in the ocean waves leads to the beach. So most of the beaches in Bali was filled with garbage.

Kuta Beach is a tourist attraction where the most overwritten by garbage. Almost every day in December, the Kuta beach is always filled with garbage piling up. These conditions are very bad for tourism activities of Kuta. Views of beach strewn with litter debilitating tourists. Tourists sunbathe on Kuta beach is very annoyed with this condition. The beach looks dirty and slovenly.

Varied types of garbage that is on the beach of Kuta. Plastic garbage, trash timber, cloths, bottles, and so forth. Badung district sanitation department clean the litter every day use large vehicles. Very hassles janitor cleaning the garbage. Morning they clean the beach of trash, and the rain fell again to sizzle, so that when the garbage afternoon appeared again on the beach.

This December the spread of garbage on the beach is very uneven. From the beginning of Kuta Beach are just filled with trash during the rainy season, but now has covered Seminyak and Legian Beach. The situation is considered very alarming. So the local government to establish an garbage emergency for Kuta Beach, Seminyak, and Legian.