Monday, December 30, 2013

All roads lead to Kuta Beach Bali was closed on December 31

Denpasar Police will close the road to total Kuta Beach. Closure is done so that motorists can not cross the road to the beach. So residents and tourists who want to celebrate New Year's Eve at Kuta Beach, they had to walk to the beach, park their vehicles at the parking center of Kuta.

This is done to provide comfort for residents and tourists who want to spend New Year's Eve on the beach of Kuta. Because when the New Year's Eve, many tourists and residents headed to Kuta Bali. There, at the center of the celebration by the government.

Closure is done also to prevent things that are not desirable, such as the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Kuta. The police did not want to risk the chance detail the car entered the Kuta beach area when the New Year's Eve.

When the process of closing the road to the beach of Kuta done. Police will be conducting and sterilization in all the way around the coast. This is done to make sure there are no cars and other vehicles. To ensure that sarea Kuta beach is very safe for tourists.