Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From this moment the police sterilize Kuta area of the vehicle

From now on police conduct sterilization of road vehicles. Because at 14:00 until 02:00, the street in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, will be closed. Bali Police sterilize Kuta, Bali, from vehicles ahead of New Year's Eve celebrations.

The road will be closed during the celebration of New Year's Eve is Jalan Pantai Kuta, to Jalan Melasti, which certainly will be filled with thousands of local and foreign travelers. Closure stiffened to ensure security in the region. The police do not want anything bad to happen when the new year eve.

The police are conducting enhanced security by placing police officers in a number of locations into a central gathering vital that residents and tourists while celebrating New Year's Eve.

Police also prohibits residents set off firecrackers and fireworks, because such activities endanger lives and disrupt the community.

Donation of foreign tourists to Bali can not be implemented in 2014

Bali provincial government plan that would ask for a donation of USD $ 10 of foreign tourists in 2014 was postponed. The delay is due to constrained applicable law in Indonesia. Legal constraints it is contains the rules that local governments should not be asking for money in any form from anyone.

In terms of the rule of law is still a conflict if the government imposed levies norm donations from foreign tourists. Thus, the Bali provincial government, had to delay enforcement of the rule. The government must make corrections to the rules to avoid conflicts of norms and not contrary to law.

Bali governor has said that the imposition of donations to foreign tourists is part of the policy of protection of cultural heritage ( heritage protection ). Of nominal donation paid it already covers foreign tourists contribute to the protection of cultural heritage and environment of Bali, and in part an insurance policy to every tourist, so they are immediately insured when illness, accident and died.

Monday, December 30, 2013

All roads lead to Kuta Beach Bali was closed on December 31

Denpasar Police will close the road to total Kuta Beach. Closure is done so that motorists can not cross the road to the beach. So residents and tourists who want to celebrate New Year's Eve at Kuta Beach, they had to walk to the beach, park their vehicles at the parking center of Kuta.

This is done to provide comfort for residents and tourists who want to spend New Year's Eve on the beach of Kuta. Because when the New Year's Eve, many tourists and residents headed to Kuta Bali. There, at the center of the celebration by the government.

Closure is done also to prevent things that are not desirable, such as the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Kuta. The police did not want to risk the chance detail the car entered the Kuta beach area when the New Year's Eve.

When the process of closing the road to the beach of Kuta done. Police will be conducting and sterilization in all the way around the coast. This is done to make sure there are no cars and other vehicles. To ensure that sarea Kuta beach is very safe for tourists.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Legian Street Kuta became the center of new year celebration in Bali

Every New Year's Eve, Legian Street always be the center of celebrations every year. Because this region is the center of tourism in Bali. Kuta is a famous beach in the world. That is why local governments make New Year celebrations in the region.

Along Legian Street there are many bars, cafes, discos, restaurants, and hotels. So the region's many tourists who stay. Every New Year's Eve, at Legian Street is always crowded by tourists. Almost all tourists visiting Bali, when the new year celebration evening gathered in this way.

Later this year, to celebrate New Year's Eve, the local government, the local government of Badung, also makes Legian Street as the center of New Year's Eve celebration. In addition to enliven the New Year's Eve, also to attract tourists to Bali.

As with previous years, New Year's Eve party will also be held fireworks. Legian Street will be closed to motor vehicles. Residents and tourists can only be passed on the road by walking times. This is done for safety support during the celebration. Because the predicted time of New Year's Eve, around Kuta, and all the way to the beach of Kuta traffic jams will occur.

Usually when late at night, around Kuta beach many tourists are drunk. They spend a lot of time in bars and cafes fowl. As well as having fun at the beach and around Legian Street. In such conditions, many occur at night are not criminals targeting drunken tourists.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Security guard died from a snake in a hotel in Bali

This morning, at a hotel in Sanur, a hotel security guard to death because they were killed by a python. He died on the spot because he could not breathe. Wound around his neck by a snake.

Before the security guard was killed, before he saw a very large snake crossing the road leading to the hotel where she worked. The guard chasing snakes, and arrested him. Because he did not want hotel guests to panic if they see the snake. The snake was so big, it's just a brave security guard caught him, and seen by his friends.

As the snake's head and tail held, the snake fight, then the snake wrapped around the guard's neck. So he fell, but the snake was still wrapped around the guard's neck. No one dared to help him.

Because out of breath, the guard dies very quickly. Once the guard was dead, the snake went away unknown. The tourists were there in the neighborhood are encouraged to be careful.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 2013, Kuta Beach garbage emergency

December 2013, Kuta Beach garbage emergency
The rain continued throughout Bali, resulting in flooding in some places. Flood water flowing into the river carries a lot of garbage. Almost all rivers in Bali are filled with garbage. Trash the river swept away into the sea. A lot of garbage floating in the ocean. Trash in the ocean waves leads to the beach. So most of the beaches in Bali was filled with garbage.

Kuta Beach is a tourist attraction where the most overwritten by garbage. Almost every day in December, the Kuta beach is always filled with garbage piling up. These conditions are very bad for tourism activities of Kuta. Views of beach strewn with litter debilitating tourists. Tourists sunbathe on Kuta beach is very annoyed with this condition. The beach looks dirty and slovenly.

Varied types of garbage that is on the beach of Kuta. Plastic garbage, trash timber, cloths, bottles, and so forth. Badung district sanitation department clean the litter every day use large vehicles. Very hassles janitor cleaning the garbage. Morning they clean the beach of trash, and the rain fell again to sizzle, so that when the garbage afternoon appeared again on the beach.

This December the spread of garbage on the beach is very uneven. From the beginning of Kuta Beach are just filled with trash during the rainy season, but now has covered Seminyak and Legian Beach. The situation is considered very alarming. So the local government to establish an garbage emergency for Kuta Beach, Seminyak, and Legian.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas and New Year, there are many discounts in Bali

Every year there are Christmas and New Year . Among traders and businessmen supermarket clothing in Bali , providing up to 50 percent discounts to attract customers ahead of Christmas and New Year 2014. Special discounts for various types of clothing which is sold as an annual program traders .

The need to buy a wide range of new clothes ahead of Christmas and the new year is predicted to increase . Many people take advantage of this opportunity to find great discounts . Because they are familiar with a variety of discount programs that are given each year end .

According to traders , giving discounts given clothing Bali is expected to help residents get quality materials and a variety of new motifs . Usually discounting used by residents of Bali to visit the city's major malls .

To accompany visitors to shop for Christmas and New Year , the manager of the mall held a variety of promotional programs with the feel of Christmas , which is very lively and cheerful . Usually the discount program runs from 1 December to mid-January .

Sunday, December 22, 2013

End of 2013 tourists to Bali is very little

A number of hotels and accommodation facilities in Bali had been getting ready to welcome Christmas and New Year's Eve 2014 since early December. In addition to decorate the lobby, the hotel also has compiled a number of events welcoming the New Year's Eve celebrations.

But to this day very few tourists who come to Bali. In some hotels, the occupancy rooms are still very low, only 30 per cent. The hotel manager must make a decision to dismiss the employee, because very few guests staying.

Many hotel employees feel anxious with this condition. Because they are afraid of being fired, because the number of tourists who come to Bali very little since last week. In fact there are several hotel employees who have been excluded since a week ago, and until now has not returned to work. Although they were closed, but they still get paid. Only the service charge is not obtained.

Today many people choose to stay in their homes to welcome the Christmas celebration. Because Christmas is a day to gather with family and prayed to the place of worship.

Possible Bali remained deserted by foreign travelers until the new year 2014. Bali travelers rely more on domestic rather than foreign tourists during the new year.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Police deployed to secure Christmas in Bali

Bali Police will deploy 12,260 personnel to secure Christmas and New Year 2014 in Bali. Everything involved unless there is pain.

The police forces will work together with the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) in providing security at the entrances and pathways that could be considered a terrorist driveway. All government agencies and the communities in order to maintain the security of the island wilayah.Sampai currently safe. The security situation is still normal.

Towards the end of this year, many people are worried about the possibility of terrorist danger again rocked Bali. Is this just a political expression or not, but such voices have begun to emerge. Of course if there are not too bad as it sounds. This means we can be more alert and vigilant with self and the environment around.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Weather in Bali

Weather in Bali
Weather in Bali can know the situation and forecasts through a range of media. Weather in Bali is also influenced by other things going on in space, the existence of which the solar wind is also called star's corona.

Weather in Bali is composed of all the phenomena occurring in the atmosphere of the island of Bali, or the same as anywhere else. Weather in Bali is usually an activity that can be perceived phenomenon and occur within a few days. The average weather over a long period of time known as the climate. The weather aspect further studied by climatologists, for signs of climate change. In Bali, the government agency that observes climate change is BMKG (the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics).

Weather forecast in Bali is the use of science and technology to predict the state of the Earth's atmosphere in the future to a certain place. Weather forecast is needed by all the people who will be doing outdoor activities. Especially for people who work. So that their work is not interrupted and well planned. So as to avoid bad weather caused by a mistake in the weather forecast.

Weather in Bali as well as in other places, occurs because of the temperature and humidity are different from one place to another place. These differences can occur due to different angles of the sun warming one place to another because of differences in latitude.

Bali is divided into nine regencies. Although in general the weather in Bali at a time is the same, but each district has a rainfall varying. It is caused by mountains which divides Bali.

Mountains are located in the middle of the island of Bali, resulting in differences in the weather on each regencies. It is affected by changes in wind direction and velocity as a result of the mountain. So different from the conditions in the north to the south on the island of Bali.

In general, the weather in Bali can be perceived by most humans is hot humid temperatures, drought and rain. Very typical conditions felt in Bali. Weather greatly affects the activities of Balinese people. Rain sometimes annoy some people, but some are expecting rain. There is hope the weather in Bali is always dry.

Weather forecast in Bali researched and observed by BMKG. Residents of Bali using BMKG guide to find out the weather forecast in Bali. It serves as a guide when carrying out activities outside the home.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tornado in Bali on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 during the day

Bali dozens of homes damaged by natural disasters tornado, which struck the South Denpasar, Bali. This event caught on video amateur citizen. The strong wind to fly a number of objects, especially roof houses made ​​of metal liram. A number of the shattered roof of the building hit by the tornado.

As a result of these events, a number of the building's roof and ceiling of the house belonging to disintegrate. In addition, the winds also damaged a number of objections or buildings owned by the Hindu scriptures.

According to residents, the incident took place quickly and the wind moving steadily towards the south. No casualties by the brunt of the tornado but losses estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to visit and meet Ketut Liyer in Bali?

Many tourists want to meet Ketut Liyer an astrologer and physician whose character is in a movie Eat Pray Love. Many are asking, how to visit and meet with Ketut Liyer in Ubud?

Before the visit and met with Ketut Liyer, make sure you have plenty of time to spare. Which must be known, Ketut Liyer only received twenty- five people per day to predictable. So for tourists who come with a lot of people, the rest can only be seen when the process of divination. But he did not hesitate to be invited photographed together.

While at home, tourist who wants to predict should take a queue number. So it is better if you want to meet Ketut Liyer, travelers should arrive early, or come in the morning, about nine o'clock in the morning.

Every person in the predictor must pay Rp. 250.000, or maybe more. To limit the amount of people who predicted per day, because Ketut Liyer health condition is very old. That he was not sick. Old conditions they experienced resulted in its ability to serve the guests is very limited.

Tourists who deliberately visited and met with Ketut Liyer can use the services of a taxi to drive to his home in Ubud Gianyar Bali. It could also hire a tour guide in Bali a lot. Today many tour guides and taxi drivers already know the location of the house Ketut Liyer. Because astrologer and physician is very popular among foreign tourists.

How to visit and meet Ketut Liyer located in Ubud without using the services of taxis and tour guides? It's easy. Currently there is GPS technology that can be used to guide travelers heading home to Ketut Liyer. Travelers quite know his home address, and then let the GPS guide the way to the location.

Ketut Liyer home address in Banjar Pengosekan Kaja, Mas Village, Ubud Districts, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia. This address is very easy to find. The main objective is to find the address of Gianyar Regency. While in Ubud District, Desa Mas look, then find Banjar Pengosekan Kaja. Do not hesitate to ask the people who were there. Balinese people are very friendly with anyone.

To find the location in the address map Ketut Liyer, you can see here.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tourists are not allowed to enter the temple area in Bali

Discourse delivered by the governor of Bali, about prohibiting tourists entering the temple area, being debated by various parties. Conflicting debates, giving rise to polemics and commotion among fellow Balinese.

Discourse which prohibit tourists entering the temple was first presented by the governor of Bali. Since emerging government plan to make Besakih as a strategic area of ​​national tourism development. Many people reject the government plan. Bali governor into emotion lead, and deliver discourses bar tourists entering all temples in Bali.

There is support, there is no denying, that appears increasingly heated debate among residents. Which supports most of the religious leaders. They assumed that the temple is a sacred area that must be maintained. Many rituals that must be performed to maintain the sanctity of the temple. And require substantial time and cost to execute the ritual. In fact there are rules and restrictions for someone with certain conditions should not enter the temple area.

Those who reject the discourse, mostly from working in the tourism industry in Bali. They fear that if tourists are not allowed to enter the temple area, then the tourists will not want to Bali. So no tourists who come to Bali. Bali then became quiet. Eventually they became lost income, and become poor.

Some analysts believe the governor of Bali discourse inadvertently made ​​the situation worse in Bali. Commotion in the community so that it appears relevant discourse that prohibits tourists entry to the temple. As if this is allowed by the government to intentionally polemic continued to occur, so in the end the deal will present itself from the people of Bali.

If the ban was imposed, the possibility of travelers will not want to visit the temple. So that all tourism activities, fully centered in South Bali. But if the ban was not enforced, may fray this will not happen, and tourism activities still going well as usual.

It is better if the rule was not enforced, but the supervision and regulation of the tourists who will enter the temple area, should be clarified, and the rules governing it flows studied and performed with the firm.

Weather in Bali today

Weather in Bali from November 2013 to date, frequent rain in Bali. Some areas in Bali floods. The weather today is normal. An annual cycle that always happens. But look different from year to year. Because every time it rains at this time, definitely feels more heavy and very wet, and there was a flood.

Flooding occurred as a result of the further degradation of forests in the mountainous region of Bali. Currently, many forests are converted to plantations. Converted to plantation is carried out by residents of forest is illegal, a law violations. But the government seemed to turn a blind eye to this incident. Everyone knows, corruption, collusion, and nepotism is the cause of everything. So the flooding that occurred in Bali during rainy weather, caused by corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Weather in Bali during the rainy season it feels bad. However, this cycle should be grateful. Therefore, prior to November is hot days in Bali. In fact in some areas the water crisis had occurred.

Nowadays almost every day it rains. The air in Bali is very lembat. The rain that often occurs very annoying tourist activities. Tourists are not able to enjoy the beauty of nature in Bali when it rains occur.