Saturday, November 9, 2013

The fact that Bali is the island of love

Sunset in Bali beach
Bali as the best tourist destination, has a charming natural beauty. Supported by all the accommodations and amenities that pamper the tourists. So that Bali has always been the choice for holiday calculations. So Bali is called the island of love.

Apart from being a tourist, Bali is also now a destination for a wedding, by many foreigners. The proof, every year there are always foreigners who married in Bali. In fact, they deliberately do weddings in Bali. Using traditional Balinese style wedding. So now a lot of hotels that offer wedding packages Balinese style.

Of the many tourists who come to Bali, there is one activity that makes Bali as a destination of choice, which is the best place to hold a wedding. Maybe they were fascinated with the exoticism and the natural beauty and culture of the island of Bali. So it becomes a dream for the tourists from all over the world to be married on the island.

Nowadays there are a lot of hotels that provide facilities and wedding packages in Bali. People who want to get married pretty booked a package that has been provided, then pay, then the Balinese-style wedding ceremony ready made​​, complete with traditions and equipment commonly used in Bali.

Apart from being a place for a wedding, Bali is also a destination for honeymooners by the newly married couple. Most people who honeymoon in Bali say that Bali is a romantic place. Many things can be found in Bali. Cheap, good food, culture, natural beauty, stunning beaches, even we can get a lot of experience in tourism in Bali is only a very small island.

Apart from being a place for a wedding and honeymoon, Bali Currently the goal to get a lovers. This occurs due to the effects of the movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. This movie tells the story of Elizabeth Gilbert's romance, which eventually found a lover in Bali. And impacts of an astrologer who either by chance or indeed ability can predict one's soul mate.

Ketut Liyer is an astrologer in Bali which is becoming very popular and many travelers are looking for. Many people came to him for a mate and predictable about their love journey. There are also many tourists who holiday in Bali, hoping to get a mate in Bali.