Monday, November 11, 2013

Lombok is not Bali but is adjacent islands

Lombok island in Google Map
Lombok is a small island such as Bali. Bali and Lombok is located side by side. Separated by the sea that has a very strong current. However, many tourists consider Bali Lombok is an island of the same.

Beach in Lombok IndonesiaBali is located in the west of the island of Lombok. Both of these islands are not in one province. Lombok consists of several counties. While Bali is a stand-alone province. But the mistake is often experienced by tourists, that the two islands are the same thing. But the reality is different.

Lombok to Bali has a similar climate. Bali has a still active volcano, Lombok also has volcanoes that are still active. Both islands also have a beautiful stretch of beach. So it has a strong attraction to the tourists from various countries.

Of common ground between those two islands, Bali is only known and sought after by tourists from the Lombok. Because of the island has many
Beach in Lombok Indonesia
advantages in terms of culture, art, traditions, and social population better. Although some residents Lombok from Bali, who developed the traditions and culture of Bali.

Lombok is currently sought after by many tourists. Maybe they've jenih with Bali's increasingly crowded by humans. Lombok there is a white sandy beach which is very beautiful. The beach is Kuta. Kuta Beach Lombok whose name is the same as Kuta in Bali, but the landscape is still very quiet, because not many people are visiting this beach.

To enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok takes more than 1 day. From the end of the West to East, North to South there are many attractions that surely will not run out enjoyed within 1 day. Similarly, in Bali which takes more than a day, if you want to enjoy all the beauty of nature. Coupled with the following range of existing vehicle.

But for those of you who only have 1 day on the weekend, do not worry because in such a short time, you can enjoy the natural beauty located in North Lombok to the West Lombok and Bali as well, even if it is not able to visit all the tourist places there.

To reach the island of Lombok from Bali, can be done in two ways. On the journey through the sea lanes by boat, and the faster the plane. If by sea, requiring a very long time compared with the plane. But must face Ombat large and powerful ocean currents.

With beautiful beaches and magical, Gunung Agung Rinjani and spectacular marine life that are interesting to be explored, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara has many tourist destinations, on land and at sea. So now the island of Lombok tourist destination increasingly popular overseas.

There are many accommodation options in Lombok from inexpensive starting to luxury resorts. Generally hotels located in Senggigi.

So Lombok and Bali are two distinct and separate islands. Lies in the different provinces, but have little in common.