Saturday, November 16, 2013

Foreign travelers will donate $10 for Bali

In 2014, foreign tourists who come to Bali, will be a donation of $ 10. This as part of the heritage protection policy, which will be made in the form of regulation by the Provincial Government of Bali.

The rapid growth of tourism in Bali, is not offset by corresponding revenue to the provincial government of Bali. Most of the revenue from the tourists who come to Bali acquired by the central government. Contribution of tourism to Bali a very small income is not sufficient for the development of the welfare activities of Balinese people. Because there are still many people living in poverty. Though almost all regions of Bali is a tourist area, which is heavily frequented by tourists from foreign countries. Therefore, according to the provincial government of Bali, the enactment of heritage protection policies, is expected to add to the Bali provincial government revenues.

Heritage protection programs in addition to adding the Bali provincial government revenues, as well as some programs will be directed to the protection of indigenous and culture. Every foreign tourists visiting Bali, will be levied 10 U.S. dollars, upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport. Half of the donation goes to the region, for the preservation and maintenance program custom, culture and environment of Bali. While 5 dollars for insurance coverage ( health, accident and other ) tourists are concerned.

Contribution obtained from the Bali tourism sector is still quite small, for example regarding the VoA ( Visa on Arrival ). Bali as an international tourist areas, but its contribution to Bali is still limited. While the cultural aspects as supporting tourism, need to be preserved so that the needed funds for it. So travelers also expect the government to get involved role and through the protection of heritage policy.