Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 year-end holidays in Bali

End of the year is an exciting year for most people. But for some people, the end of the year is the most hated, with a variety of reasons. But it would be wonderful if passed with excitement.

For residents of Bali end of the year is not the usual thing that must be considered excessive. For residents of Bali have become accustomed to the rice once every six months. Within six months, there are many great feast. Busyness has been commonly traversed. Spending money and material is often done. Although all were related to the culture and traditions that have been undertaken since hundreds of years ago.

However, when viewed from the date of the leap, internationally accepted, then the end of 2013, there are two big days of the most anticipated by a lot of people in this world, is the Christmas and New Year. Two very special day. Because it is associated with holidays and celebrations.

Christmas in Bali is only done by a small group of people. Because the majority of Balinese people are Hindu. So Christmas is not celebrated with a special. But Christmas holidays are enjoyed by all people in an excitement.

Christmas holiday in Bali just one day. It is a national holiday that is enforced across Indonesia. For residents of Bali, Christmas holiday when used with watching tv, going to the beach, river bathing, or just relieving stress at work before the holidays.

But lively Christmas in Bali are felt when visiting the supermarket. Many supermarkets in Bali presents a special occasion of Christmas celebration. Various ivent done. As well as many interesting things presented in the supermarket. For example, a Christmas tree decorated with chocolate, snowman, the existence of Santa Claus is always giving out sweets for visitors. All was done to give the feel of a festive christmas for visitors supermarket.

The most enjoyable day for the citizens of Bali is the new year holiday. Usually before the first date of the new year, the evening of Balinese people doing New Year's Eve celebration. Fireworks always done by people who have a lot of money to buy fireworks. But for people who have little money, celebrate New Year's Eve, performed by meals. The point everyone is very happy to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Since the first day of the New Year is a holiday, the New Year celebration at night, many people do not sleep until late at night, even up to. Especially in cities and tourism centers in Bali, such as Kuta. At the time of New Year's Eve Kuta is very busy and crowded with many visitors. The people will be gathered on the street see the fireworks. Kuta is the most crowded place in Bali when the New Year's Eve.