Monday, October 28, 2013

Perth to Bali

Perth to Bali is a long journey that must use the plane. Perth is located in Australia, and Bali in Indonesia. Distance between Perth to Bali is a 2600 kilo meters, or about 1600 miles. Great distance, but no farther than Americans to Bali. But this time a great distance will not be felt, because the flights are currently providing comfort and tranquility for the tourists.

Perth is located on the island and into a very large continent. While Bali is a small island but has a myriad of cultural and natural beauty of the tropics that are frequently visited by tourists, especially those from Perth. Pert and Bali, Bali and Perth also be a very good connection in the field of tourism industry in Bali. Because the majority of foreign tourists in Bali, comes from Australia. And Perth is Australia's area is its most widely come to Bali.

Flights from Perth to Bali, this time very many airlines providing direct flights. Even the low-cost of these two places are offered by the airline. This is certainly a positive impact on the tourism industry in Bali. Although not many Australians who spend their money in Bali, but it is a very positive impact on the tourism industry in the small scale. Offer a low cost airline with the aim of Bali, a tourist attraction from Australia.

Australians are the biggest travelers who come to Bali. Residents of Perth is one of them. They chose Bali because place are not much, but it can give the impression that diverse. Various tourism support facilities are very complete. As well as the cost of living is very cheap in Bali, the reason most tourists come to Bali.

Flights from Perth venom through Perth International Airport, to the landing at Bali's Ngurah Rai international airport. The aircraft used is a medium-sized. Very large aircraft are not supported by Ngurah Rai airport. Because the runway at Ngurah Rai airport is very short, so that very large aircraft that require a very long bow runway, can not land at Ngurah Rai airport.

Perth Airport is an Australian domestic and international airport located south of Guildford, Western Australia, and is the major commercial airport servicing Western Australia's capital city, Perth.

It is the fourth busiest airport in Australia and plays a strategic role due to its location – servicing many Australian, Asian, and Indian Ocean destinations as well as Johannesburg, South Africa and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Perth International Airport

Ngurah Rai Airport Bali Indonesia