Thursday, October 24, 2013

Penjor Galungan

Penjor Galungan in Bali, Indonesia
Penjor is a leaf that adorns a series of long bamboo curved at the top. Penjor beginning was made as an offering, as an expression of gratitude to God for all the gifts and given to human prosperity.

Along with the development of the human mind in Bali. Penjor is now no longer an offering of gratitude, but a long way to the creation of art. In general, and based on its function, there are three types of Penjor.

1. Penjor for rituals.
2. Penjor for decoration.
3. Penjor for Galungan celebrations.

Penjor for ritual usually made very simple. There is little decoration on bamboo leaf. Not concerned with beauty, but preferred only function principally as a means of offering. Equipped with a variety of offerings, such as fruits, grains, snacks, head, with a little coconut garnish.

Penjor for decoration, made ​​more priority beauty regardless of its completeness as a means of offering. Used as a garnish and embellish an activity, such as marriage, opening a business, birthdays, and so on.

Penjor for Galungan celebrations were made every six months, based on the Balinese calendar. Created as a form of gratitude to God for the abundant natural resources that are given to humans. Galungan Penjor usually have an element of art that combined with the provision of a wide range of offerings that is placed on a Penjor.

Each area in Bali, typically varying in making Penjor for Galungan celebrations. But all have the same form and meaning. Decoration and completeness adapted to the availability of natural resources in the region are still in their, well adapted to the characteristics of art that exist in that area. The more abundant natural resources in an area, usually Penjor will look more beautiful, filled with fruit, whole grains, a variety of leaves.

Although Penjor for Galungan celebrations vary according to the area, but there are some parts that must exist in a Penjor for offerings. Bananas, snack, sugar cane, coconut garnish at the end of the bamboo, cloth, coconuts, and a place to put offerings. Although desan, shapes and different creations. And one thing that should be on Penjor for offerings during the celebration of Galungan is the canang sari. Any offering if not equipped with canang sari, then it is meaningless offerings. Canang sari is a fundamental component of offerings in Bali.

Principal parts of a Penjor for Galungan celebration.
Principal parts of a Penjor for Galungan celebration.

1. Bamboo.
2. Bamboo leaf garnish at the end.
3. Bananas, sugarcane, snack.
4. Fabric.
5. Coconuts.
6. A place to put offerings.
7. Garnish of coconut.
8. Canang sari.

In addition to some basic components to Penjor as above. Penjor makers should provide various kinds of decoration and agricultural produce at a Penjor.

Penjor offering