Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Penampahan Galungan today, tomorrow is the celebration of Galungan, October 2013 Bali island full color

Galungan celebration October 2013 Bali Indonesia

Galungan celebrations every six months in Bali, in October 2013, has always been a colorful day in Bali. Installation Penjor with beautiful ornate, yellow shades are felt in Bali. Bali is the island with the vast majority of Hindu religion, making Galungan day felt very festive.

The day before the celebration of Galungan is a Penampahan Galungan. Penampahan Galungan mean days to slaughter. Pigs are usually slaughtered cattle, which will be used for the ceremony when Galungan. In addition to the ceremony, also pigs slaughtered for consumption. It has become a tradition in Bali. Each Penampahan Galungan always slaughter pigs .

On the day Penampahan Galungan, Balinese people usually make a wide range of typical Balinese cuisine. By using the basic ingredients of pork, which to make a wide range of processed foods. Bring lots of food made with pork, such as satay, lawar, komoh, tum, kuwah, jukut nangka, urutan, and so forth. While the herbs used are basa genap.

Pork demand ahead of Galungan in Bali starts jumped dramatically, but the stock remains safe. The number of pigs ready for slaughter before Galungan day, reaching 20000 pigs. When compared with the number of the need for the feast, the number was more than sufficient. With the surge in demand ahead of the feast of pork, the price is likely to be more expensive. Pork is one of the essential needs of the Bali while celebrating Galungan. Therefore, demand for pork is increasing sharply.

When Penampahan Galungan, Balinese women usually make the means of ritual instruments, namely canang sari and complement. Pajegan also usually made, but not all make it. When creating the means to be used when the ceremony of Galungan, many supplies needed to make canang sari. Canang sari mostly made ​​for Galungan food made ​​from fruit and rice, and pork that has been processed into various shapes.

Balinese men on duty in the kitchen to make a variety of foods from pork. Very much pork is used. Making of various herbs and spices. So a typical Balinese spice commonly referred to basa genap. Basa genap be the basic ingredients for all types of food are made.