Monday, October 14, 2013

How to make Penjor?

Penjor is a means of ritual Hindu ceremony in Bali. How to make Penjor often asked by tourists who stay in Bali. Because of its uniqueness, then Penjor be very alluring attraction for foreigners residing in Bali. Although the use of Penjor actually identical with the feast, especially when Galungan in Bali, but the use of Penjor often used when large events and weddings. It's just Penjor used as Galungan, equipped with the offerings.

Creating a Penjor actually very complicated. Because many of the necessary equipment. As well as making ornaments very much, so Penjor look attractive and festive. Although currently there are sellers decoration to make Penjor. But for stringing up a scene to make it look beautiful and nice, required skills and artistry are quite high.

Before making Penjor, we at least should know, the meaning of a Penjor. There are two meanings contained in a Penjor. First, Penjor is a symbol of a dragon. The dragon named Basuki. Second, Penjor symbol of fertility and prosperity. If we already know what the dragon, and know what is the meaning of fertility in tropical countries, then we would know, such as what will we make Penjor.

Penjor is the manufacture of bamboo and coconut leaves. There are also other foliage, flowers, fruits, rice, grass, fruits. All material is subject to availability at the place. Bamboo used is intact stem from base to tip does not cut it. Were cut and removed only twigs and leaves alone. Leaf in the form such as an ornamental Penjor.

First clean bamboo. After the bamboo clean from dirt, twigs and leaves, wrapped with bamboo leaf. Leaf is peeled arrival, then wrapped in bamboo. After the bamboo decorated with various ornaments that have been provided.