Thursday, October 10, 2013

Girl tour guide in Bali

The ability of girl guiding tourists, lies in his ability to talk and sexy body, which can attract tourists who visited the object. Because a girl tour guide has advantages in appearance and speaking style. So the appeal of a girl who owned a tour guide can be a concern more for the tourists. Sexy body, sweet smile, sharp eyes, and soft speaking style, is to be an effective capital to lure tourists to want to choose the girl guides as a friend on their way in Bali.

Obviously this is related to the girl guides knowledge about the destination attractions. Sexy bodied articulate and not at the forefront as a guide. However, knowledge and mastery of the location is more important than beauty and sexy body.

Tour has a variety of forms adapted to the attractions to be achieved by the authors based on consideration of the orientation of the product to consumers. The forms of the tour gives a typical picture according to its shape. In this case, the ability of a girl as a tour guide to be proved. Therefore, many girls does not undertake a tour guide for the location that is quite extreme and challenging, which should be done by men. Such as mountain climbing, and climbing Mount Agung is the location which is most often done by tourists who come to Bali.

A girl tour guide , should be able to create a good impression and assessment of the region , state , nation and local culture , not only with her ​​sexy body . Another advantage possessed girl tour guide , which is difficult owned by a man is able to carry out their duties calmly , rapid and fully sympathetic . Usually the girl guides were able to create a warm , happy , and act polite commonly adopted to suit the personality of the Balinese . They are able to provide services and treatment to tourists .

Besides being able to master the conditions of the tourist destinations in Bali, a girl guide, should also be able to understand the background and origin of tourists, as well as invites to convince to comply manners, laws and regulations. Should not defame the company of profession and other tourism elements. It is very necessary to make the world work better, despite the intense competition.

However there are some drawbacks of a girl guide. They sometimes tell his personal problems to cause a sense of compassion rating. So that tourists who ditemaninya feel sorry. It aims to get more tips.

The most important thing of a tour guide at the time of separation is, they should be able to give a good impression, so that tourists want to come back to Bali. So that employment opportunities may occur on an ongoing basis.