Sunday, October 13, 2013

Galungan in Bali on October 23, 2013

Galungan is celebrated every six months in Bali, is a feast that most make merry to all the Hindus in Bali. Because on the day of Galungan very identical with pleasure, shopping, holiday allowances, food was plentiful, and many others. There was also a lot of people who go abroad to leave Bali family, back home when the day of Galungan. Mutual visiting relatives, friends, relatives, and relationships.

Galungan is 2nd in the know, is on October 23. Bali residents currently have to prepare everything for the ritual in the Galungan day. Slaughter pigs as a routine activity undertaken before Galungan, already anticipated the majority of Balinese people. Has become a habit, if before Galungan, hog prices to be expensive. Because the demand for pork is very high. The happiest is the pig farmers.

Penjor as a means that is always made ​​during the celebration of Galungan, is now prepared. Even some cities in Bali, there are many vendors selling the means to make Penjor. Price starts expensive equipment makes Penjor before Galungan, and became very cheap after Galungan.

In addition to equipment to make increasingly expensive Penjor just before Galungan, the price of fruits became expensive. Because Hindu residents in Bali, every ritual, always use fruits. Although outside Bali in fruit prices remain stable. The price of bananas had the highest price increase. Because bananas are the most important and necessary as a means of ritual. Every ritual means there must be a banana. For the Balinese, the banana is a fruit mother.

Galungan 2013 will not seem so festive. Because there are a lot of activities and ivent in Bali this year. Busyness in 2013 resulted in many Balinese forget, the day of Galungan 2013 is getting closer. Busyness of everyday life, coupled with the many atifitas, sometimes making no impression of Galungan day for some people. Due to busy, they forget to go home, visiting family and relatives