Saturday, October 12, 2013

Business of property in Bali can damage Subak

Subak in Bali
Subak as a world cultural heritage that must be preserved in Bali, is threatened to be memorable. Subak which is a system of irrigating rice fields in Bali, which involves many aspects, not only rice, but also water, social life, mountains, and culture, are now worse off. Water is the most important factor of the existence of subak in Bali. Without water the subak is not able to operate properly.

Subak glorified by the government, so that it becomes part of the tourism industry in Bali, was not given serious consideration. Lauded but not observed, so that the alarming deterioration of Subak. Farmer who became a role in Subak activities often complain. But the complaints were never heard by the government. As if the government shut eye with this.

Bali property business in today's increasingly famous. Bali as a world tourism destination, making property business in Bali increasingly in demand by many people. From very low values ​​to very high, the target of the business. So it is very likely in the coming year, with the island of Bali will be the selling price is very expensive.

However, the development of the property business in Bali have an adverse effect on survival Subak. Because property requires land. While most of the land in Bali is rice. And rice is part of the Subak. Subak require water. The property also requires water. And of course we all know what will happen. Paddy field decreased, the water becomes the target of many people. Subak eventually will be destroyed.

Many property developers are building a business in Bali, do not ignore the impact that will have on the sustainability of subak in Bali. Subak which is the core of the traditional art and culture of Bali, is not protected by the government. At least the government gives special attention to maintain the existence of subak. So it is not eroded by developers who damage the system in Subak Bali.

Government that is not expressly against the rules, and easily bribed, threatened the sustainability of subak. Bribes be a very difficult problem to overcome, amid incessant development and property investors and developers. Many of the rules are violated, as well as many green areas and agricultural areas converted into property development. Some components subak has started to disappear.

One component subak, is irrigation. Irrigation channels are dry to make a lot of rice fields do not function, and eventually death.