Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bali in Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia

Bali is a small island located in the country of Indonesia. Because Bali is very famous all over the world, surpassing Indonesia, many people assume that it is part of Bali Indonesia. This mistake often happens. Bali island is very small, just a tiny speck in a big country and wide. If viewed on a map, maybe a very small island is not visible. But foreign visitors better acquainted with this small island.

Bali is part of Indonesia. Indonesia is a very large country. Indonesian territory covers 17,000 islands, including the island of Bali in it. However, six thousand of them even have a name yet. Indonesia's population reached 240 million. Population very much, and ranks fourth with the largest population in the world after China, India and America. Indonesia also has very many natural resources, diverse cultures, including cultures that exist in Bali. But not everyone knows Indonesia. But Bali is more famous than Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the nation's pluralistic nation, consisting of various tribes or ethnic groups, including Bali which became part of Indonesia. Each ethnic languages ​​each have, Bali has its own language, which is used in communication, both intra-ethnic and inter-ethnic. But as the national language, then in use was Indonesian as the official language of the state. Language is one of the elements of culture. Also the Balinese language, the role is very important as a means of communication on the island of Bali, to convey the purpose and basic human minds.

Balinese mask dance

Bali as the island is very small, but has a very large culture and arts are very dynamic and diverse. So many people are amazed with the culture in Bali. Culture and art that developed in Bali, is closely associated with religion and spiritual beliefs of Balinese people. Because long ago residents Bali dynamism of belief, namely the belief in ancestral spirits are always near humans. Most of the arts and culture in Bali, was created as an offering to the ancestors.

Hinduism is the religion of the most widely embraced by the people of Bali. The strong culture that makes the remaining part of the Hindu culture and tradition in Bali. Although today most of the Indonesian people are Muslims, but because of the strong belief and faith and culture in Bali, so the Hindu religion remains a part of the Balinese people.

Bali Indonesia culture & religi

Bali is part of Indonesia began occupation of the Netherlands. As one of the islands in its domination by the Dutch kingdom in Bali is very strong. Since the resistance of the people of Bali to maintain independence, since that's the sense of unity as a citizen of Indonesia. Unity so that remain until now.

Bali in Indonesia, not only has a myriad of art and culture that is unique and interesting, but also has a very enchanting natural beauty. So the main attraction for tourists from abroad. Tourists who come to Bali, which also automatically entered Indonesian territory, not only enjoy the unique art and culture in Bali, but they also can enjoy and explore the natural beauty of Bali, Indonesia.

Kuta beach Bali Indonesia

Bali island is very famous in the world, and a lot of foreign tourists who visit it. To almost every tourist attraction in Bali is always filled with foreign tourists. Kuta Beach is the center of tourism in Bali. Because now able to provide complete facility needs of tourists, such as a variety of lodging and hotel, from the very cheap price to the price of the most expensive. Existing shopping centers everywhere, recreation, nightlife so vibrant, facilities and sports facilities such as bungy jumping, water boom, and so forth.

In Bali there are also a lot of great resort that offers luxury accommodations. But most five-star hotel located in Kuta. Hotels usually have a private spot on certain beaches. You can easily find popular spots like Kuta or Sanur. Which is the center of tourism in Indonesia. Because in Bali everything needed ole tourist accommodation, available very complete.

There are many types of transportation that are available to help you get around Bali. Travel packages ranging from half day, full day until the evening are available at the hotel where you stay, or from travel agencies scattered throughout Bali, and a trip planner that abound in Bali.

Bali toll road in Indonesia

In addition to the more complete and accommodation increases, this year in Bali is available toll road is very beautiful. Toll roads that pass over the sea, has a length of 12 kilo meters. Toll roads to facilitate transport mainstay in this tourist. Because in the area of ​​tourism in Bali, namely in the area of ​​Kuta, Nusa Dua, Benoa, motor vehicles are very much at all. So that traffic jams occur frequently. Because Bali is the navel of tourism in Indonesia, the central government made ​​a very beautiful highway and crossed over the sea.

Ngurah Rai Airport Bali Indonesia

One of the mainstay tourist arrivals in Bali is Ngurah Rai airport. Ngurah Rai Airport is the only international airport in Bali. The central government plans to build an international airport in Bali. But who knows when it will be realized. Because a very small area of ​​Bali, and the many mountains in Bali, a barrier of airport development planning.

Indonesia has a lot of culture that spread across the country. Not only has Bali, there are many tribes, languages​​, cultures, and religions in Indonesia. Although the most famous is Bali, but still a lot of beautiful places in places other than Bali. Bali is part of Indonesia.