Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The participants of Miss World 2013 is scheduled to visit Besakih Temple.

Besakih TempleBesakih Temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in Bali. Can be regarded as the parent temple in Bali. It is located on the slopes of the highest mountain in Bali, Gunung Agung, which is an active volcano, and ready to erupt at any time.

Miss World 2013 participants are scheduled to visit Besakih Temple. They will go to the temple on September 11, 2013. All participants will visit the largest temple in Bali. A few days ago the committee has conducted a review into the temple. The committee was accompanied by a priest in the temple and some officials lie within it. As the temple is a very sacred by the Balinese, the participants of Miss World 2013, which amounted to 132 people, while visiting Besakih Temple, Bali people are required to wear clothing. As well as participants who were menstruating, not allowed to enter the area in the Besakih Temple.

While visiting Besakih Temple, Miss World 2013 participants will travel quite far from the place of quarantine in Nusa Dua. Of Nusa Dua located in southern Bali, heading to the north, towards the center of the island of Bali. They are going through a long field and extensive local estates. Because of the location of the temple is located far inland. Hopefully the participants are not stuck in traffic that can hamper their journey to Besakih Temple.

In Besakih Temple, on the date of visit of Miss World 2013 participants, there was no activities and rituals in the temple. So that they can freely enjoy the beauty of the biggest temples in Bali. Local authorities have been coordinating with residents in Besakih, and do all the preparation and arrangement of hygiene, so that when participants visit Besakih Temple.