Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Balinese demonstration supporting the Miss World 2013

On Monday dated 2 September 2013, approximately one hundred people of Bali held rallies in front of the Office of Mayor of Denpasar, Bali. Demonstrators carry posters and banners, with criticism of one of Indonesia's Islamic organizations, who want to compromise the security of Bali, and want to thwart the Miss World 2013 event in Bali.

Islamic organizations who want to dissolve the Miss World 2013 event that was FPI. FPI is known as the most active organizations in all demonstrations relating to their ideology. They did not approve of the Miss World 2013 held in Bali. Because they think this event is a porn action.

The protesters handed out leaflets containing about five attitude, to the person who passes in front of the Office of Mayor of Denpasar.

They convey, that they are ready to do anything, if there is rrmas who want to disrupt Bali. To him, with the contest, Bali will be promoted for free good tourism product, as well as the traditional Balinese culture will become known to the world. Very large positive impact for Bali, economic benefits are also extraordinary.