Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Polemics on Miss World 2013 in Indonesia

Miss World 2013 opening show in Bali
Miss World is an international beauty contest . Beginning was a bikini contest , which was held in England . But over time and development , is now Miss World contest not only show the beauty of the female body through bikini , but also the heart of a woman's beauty , social awareness , knowledge of the social conditions of a country , as well as actively participate in other social activities . So the Miss World contest has grown and led to a more positive activities beneficial to the social conditions of a country .

In 2013 , the Miss World has held as many as sixty- three times , since it was first held in England in 1950 . And this time , in 2013 , Indonesia hosted the pageant organization . Indonesia became the first Southeast Asian country that hold this contest in history . Miss World 2013 is the fourth international beauty contest held in Indonesia after Miss ASEAN in 2005 , the International Man in 2007 , Mister International 2010 , and Miss Coffee International in 2012 .

Indonesia is believed to hold a contest Miss World 2013 at a variety of considerations which should be linked to culture and Indonesian culture . Indonesia is the country with the largest Moslem population in the world . Such conditions greatly affect the smooth implementation. So that the opening ceremony of Miss World 2013, the quarantine was in Bali . But the closing ceremony made Bogor Sentul , West Java .

Many opposition to holding the Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. Particularly among civil society organizations with a particular religion rear . Rejection is done for various reasons . But the reason most enjoy is the notion and impression dressed bikini porn on the session by the contestants . Those who reject the Miss World contest was held in Indonesia this judge is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam , and traditional oriental . Even the religious ministry of the government flatly rejected the Miss World 2013 contest held in Indonesia.

On the other hand , many also support the implementation of the Miss World 2013 contest held in Indonesia. Because for those who support , this contest provides a great advantage for the premises , especially on the development of tourism industry . Bali is the most advantaged . Therefore , the Miss World 2013 contest held in Bali . It is a tourism promotion event free of charge to Bali , so Bali is getting increasingly well known and visited by tourists .

Miss World 2013 in full just held in Bali , far deviated from the plan that has been prepared since three years ago . A few days ago , the government firmly ruled that granting operating licenses Miss World 2013 just in Bali . Government grounded for safety . Because there is a lot of resistance by various community organizations on behalf of a particular religion .

There are many security threats to the organization of Miss World 2013 , if still held in Indonesia . One of the threats made by the FPI . They threatened to perform various actions that threaten the safety of the contestants . In recent times , their incentive to do a demo of rejection . Exert their future very much in doing the demo . Demands to the government and the committee to cancel Miss World 2013 event in Indonesia .

It might sound silly, community organizations that refuse Miss World 2013 held in Indonesia, threatening to spread a cockroach in the hotel where the Miss World participants stay. They will also forcibly dispersed organization of this contest.

As with the Balinese people are very supportive of the Miss World 2013 which was held in Indonesia, especially in Bali . Balinese people over to see the good that is obtained , rather than listening to the cries of the demonstrators were performed in Java . Many of the benefits derived by residents of Bali . Activities of Miss World 2013 in Bali , is a free promotion for Bali tourism . Because event was witnessed by the international community.

This year there were 130 participants of Miss World 2013, which is present in Bali . They were quarantined in Nusa Dua Bali . And followed this event until September 28. It is not yet determined exactly where its closure , Indonesian government formally rejected the Miss World title in the outside of the island of Bali .

Bikini session usually displayed in the Miss World in the years before , this time will be removed . Bikini modeling session turned into a Balinese sarong . This is done to prevent rejection actions that express this event . Because of Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world . We all know , Islam does not allow a woman to be naked in public .

As already underway, Miss World 2013 winner will spend a year traveling around the world , as a representative of the Miss World Organization , and a variety show . Traditionally , Miss World lives in London during his tenure . Current title holder is Miss World Yu Wenxia of China .