Friday, September 13, 2013

Miss World 2013 is fully held in Bali

Miss World 2013 opening cemony

Miss World 2013 scheduled to be held in two different places. The opening was held in Bali, and the closing was held in Sentul Bogor, West Java. Agenda as well as the participants of Miss World 2013 visit to Borobudur temple seems only a plan that will not be realized.

The refusal Miss Wolrd 2013 in Indonesia from various community organizations in the name of Islam. Threat to the security of the participants, resulting in the implementation of the government to change the permission of Miss World 2013, the plan was initially held in two places, namely in Java and Bali, but in the end it should be decided only held on the island of Bali alone. This is very detrimental to the committee and the accommodations that have been provided previously.

Government decision to only give permission to the Miss World organization in Bali alone, irrational, and seemed very weak. Government seemed very weak for the refusal of a small part of the group, and ignoring national pride as a great nation.

Rejection of some Islamic organizations in the conduct of Miss World 2013, does not provide the proper reason and seem absurd. In fact, since the beginning of the committee has said that in this beauty contest, no bikini clad sessions. As previously done in other countries. Even penolkan could be disrupted by security threats that will be given to the contestants.

Of this, the organizers of Miss World 2013 at a very disappointed to have to accept the decision of the government, which allows the whole event only in Miss World 2013 held in Bali alone. So the organizers had to change all the scenarios and the arrangement of events starting from scratch.

So the government's decision, the final and closing ceremony of Miss World 2013. will be held in Bali.