Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miss World 2013 closing ceremony canceled in Sentul Bogor

Miss World 2013 closing ceremony scheduled to be held in Sentul Bogor, West Java, canceled. Indonesian government changed the final operating license on the grounds of security issues. The whole event was decided by the government only held in Bali alone. This is very disappointing the organizers and participants. Because of all the preparation that has been done since three years ago, should be canceled and changed in just a few days.

Miss World 2013 in Indonesia, an international event that involves many countries. This year there are 130 countries participating. So that Indonesia in the international spotlight. Surely it would be very embarrassing for the organizers and the country, due to cancellation of the implementation of the plan will be held in West Java, had to be canceled by the government, which is supposed to support the full implementation of this.

The number of rejection by a group of organizations in the name of religion, in the conduct of Miss World 2013, the government made changes to ne of operating licenses. Community organization with vigorous rejection demonstrations was FPI. FPI even threatened to forcibly disperse the beauty if this event still held, though in Bali

Bali residents strongly support the full implementation of the Miss World 2013 in Bali. Due to the international arena that have a positive impact on the economy of Bali, especially in the field of tourism. Because of Bali's economy grow and thrive because of the tourism sector. With the closing of the transfer of Miss World 2013 to Bali, it is very beneficial for Bali. Therefore, when the closing ceremony, the media from 180 countries will broadcast live the closing ceremony of Miss World 2013. Indirectly will be free promotion for the tourism industry in Bali.

Bali provincial government and district and expressed readiness to fully support the Miss World 2013 event held in Bali. Balinese people are also ready to secure the implementation of the threats organizations that want to make a scene in Bali. Security and tranquility of Bali is the world's spotlight. If chaos and commotion in Bali when the event occurs Miss World 2013, the bad image of Bali as a safe and convenient island will be destroyed by kegelintir anarchist groups.