Monday, September 16, 2013

Cheap hotels in Bali increase

Cheap hotels in Bali, not in spite of there are many new hotels and resorts in Bali, the growth is not well-controlled by the government, making hotels that already exists and has been since the first operation, the lower the rate to stay, in order to be more competitive towards tourists. site noted a 11 percent decline in prices on hotels in Bali, so there are plenty of cheap hotels in Bali. This is certainly a record that must be considered by the government, to ensure a good and healthy competition among businesses in the hospitality field. For foreign tourists, this is certainly good news.

Currently in Bali, tourists can get a five star hotel with four star price. Obviously it is very cheap. Price of a five star hotel in Bali fell to an average of $138 per night. It is certainly something that is very good for the tourists who want to visit Bali, and needed a cheap hotel.

More recently, the Bali provincial government, issued regulations that prohibit the construction of a new hotel in Bali's southern region. But if the rules had been adhered to by the developers and the government. In fact to this day there are a lot of new hotel development. Many investors argue that they have been granted permission before the moratorium on hotel development was made.

Cheap Hotels in Bali is very much. Not only five-star hotel that offers cheap. But also a kind of inn began offering a very low price. Villa is also growing and diverse.